Claw Slasher - Baby Godzilla
Version Source
Company: Trendmasters
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1998 Height: 15 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Yet another Baby Godzilla released for the release of the American Godzilla movie, this little monster keeps the Trendmasters tradition of changing the design from that of the movie's. This release of the monster, dubbed Claw Slasher, sports a yellow hide with black spots for its base color scheme with a red back, reminiscent of the colors of the Razor Fang - Baby Godzilla I reviewed. Like its fellow monster, this Baby Godzilla is also the same height, allowing it to do battle with countless other figure lines. Unfortunately, when compared to its red and white brother, this version of Baby Godzilla just isn't as good.

Side View

Speaking of the color scheme, this Baby Godzilla's just doesn't look good. Why they couldn't just re-use the red design of the Razor Tooth version or actually base it on the movie's is beyond me. The yellow-black combo is an eye sore, and the red back just seems out of place. The insides of the mouth are a vibrant pink, and since the monster can't close its maw, its always shown. One other notable design change is the lack of back spines. Again, this Baby Godzilla is only equipped with tiny back bumps instead of actual spines.

Back View

This Baby Godzilla, like the other, is also different from the movie version. The head is much more like its movie inspiration, but is also much more skinny and non-muscular. The tail is also vastly different, clearly not as thick as the one from the 1998 film. The monster's arms and legs all move, allowing the reptile some different poses, but sadly, the tail and jaws don't move. The mouth can't close like its brother release, making this release not up to par. The one aspect of this figure is suppose to be its slashing arm that doesn't work all that well. In order to perform the action, one must pull the arm up and then release it. The arm can only be locked in place if its raised to its highest, so only one of the arms can actually be posed in more than two positions.

Thankfully Baby Godzilla stands nicely with its other releases and can be set up in different poses and its six inch height allows it to blend in with other toy releases. In the end, while this Godzilla has some redeeming values, its bland color scheme and lack of biting jaws just holds it back. Fans of the '98 movie and collectors may want to track it down to fill in gaps with their collection, but any others are more advised to get the Razor Fang version. It does everything this one does and looks much better.
Rating: Star Rating