Toy: Classic Godzilla 2001 12" Head to Tail (NECA)


Classic Godzilla 2001 12" Head to Tail

English Toy Title

12" Head-to-Tail Action Figure – 2001 Godzilla




15 centimeters


Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack



By: Chris Mirjahangir

Neca’s Godzilla 2001 is their first foray into the Millennium series! How is the figure? Read on!


Side View
Side View

This is a rather odd entry in the Godzilla line. Overall it’s pretty cool but you can also see how it kinda looks like a hodgepodge of parts that make up the figure.

The head mold looks like it was placed on and the feet sort of look like Godzilla is wearing those Godzilla slippers that Toy Vault makes. The figure is in a permanent hunch and I would have liked for him to a little more upright. The face is really mean looking when the mouth is closed (although the face has an odd overbite), and at the right angle and in the right light, really menacing!


Body Articulation
Body Articulation

For articulation, it’s pretty much the standard fare. Godzilla's jaw can open and close, his feet can move 360 degrees and his knees can bend backwards slightly. The legs can also rotate 360 degrees and the tail has three points of articulation along with the end of the tail that has bendable articulation because of the wire inside.

Godzilla's head can rotate 360 degrees and so can his hands and feet. The arms are split into three sections for rotating/bending and Godzilla's hands have articulation as well. At the palm, Godzilla's hands can bend via a hinge. He can also rotate 360 degrees at the mid section and this also allows him to sort of wobble back and forth. I wouldn’t call that last bit “articulation,” though.


Godzilla 2001 doesn’t come with any accessories.


Head Side View
Head Side View

The paint on Godzilla is pretty good. The claws on the hands and feet have a bit of reddish brown paint mixed in. There’s no paint underneath the claws on the feet which is rather odd. The paint on the eyes is spot on but the mouth is a different story. The inside of the mouth is a rose color red which has some bleed onto the lower part of the jaw and onto the teeth. The teeth are a dirty yellow color, and it seems that the reason the rose red paint bled through is because it was the color of the mouth before the teeth were painted over with the yellow. The only thing in the mouth that’s not painted is the hinge that moves the jaw up and down. The figure has a green wash on it which really brings out the scale definition.

Moving on to the back plates, they look really nice. Its a brilliant mix of white with a cool fade into black and it extends to the base of the tail. It’s not a TOTALLY clean application because of a few drips and blemishes here and there, but it’s a real bright spot on the figure.


Godzilla 2001 is a cool looking figure and very photogenic. It’s a great addition to the line and while the paint could be better in some spots, and there are some weird design choices like the overbite, it’s still a solid figure.

**Below are several bonus images, including a view of the back spines, mouth, and feet detail.**

Rating: Star Rating