Toy: Classic Godzilla 2001 12" Head to Tail (NECA)


Classic Godzilla 1994 12" Head to Tail

English Toy Title

12" Head-to-Tail Action Figure – 1994 Godzilla




15 centimeters


Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla



By: Chris Mirjahangir

Following their Modern Godzilla 12" Head to Tail, NECA makes their first foray into the classic Godzilla series with Godzilla 1994. How well did they do? Read on!


Side View
Side View

While a MOSTLY film accurate version of Godzilla in 1994's Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, it's a cool looking figure nonetheless.

One thing I particularly liked is how soft the backplates were. They are a far cry from the knife sharp, potential murder weapon NECA'S Modern Godzilla 12" Head to Tail. This was a nice change that goes toward the playability of the figure which is quite nice. The toy has some weight to it which I like as well.


Front View
Front View

One thing that stands out to me as a mystery is Godzilla's neck/head articulation placement. The head has some weird "neck sheath" below it which serves no purpose whatsoever. In fact, it seems to block Godzilla's head articulation from being able to look down a tiny bit further. On top of that, it just looks weird. This aside, it's a great looking figure.

Speaking of the articulation, Godzilla's jaw can open and close (although it opens partially before it snaps down to fully open). His feet can move 360 degrees and his knees can bend backwards slightly. The legs can also rotate 360 degrees while the tail has three points of articulation along with the end of the tail that has bendable articulation due to the wire inside. Godzilla's head can rotate 360 degrees and so can his hands and feet.

The arms are split into three sections for rotating/bending and Godzilla's hands have articulation as well. At the palm, Godzilla's hands can bend via a hinge. It's an interesting feature and adds some personality to poses one can do with this figure. It's a nice touch.


Godzilla 1994 comes with no accessories whatsoever. It'd have been cool to have seen NECA'S take on Godzilla's beam.


Back View
Back View

Although the paint on the figure is an interesting mix of blue and white on the toenails, clays, and backplates, I can't quite tell if it's intentional or not. It almost seems as if there was a white coat of paint applied and then a coat of blue was slapped on top of it. The claws and toenails only have the tops painted as well which seems somewhat odd but it's not that noticeable if you don't concentrate on it. The inside of the mouth is a nice brownish red and the teeth have a cool white contrast to the red which looks great. The teeth aren't FULLY painted so there's a little bit of "red gums" going on but it doesn't make the figure look any less cool.

Finally, the eyes I can't tell if they are painted on or are carefully placed decals but I do like the look of them. The only thing that seems off about them are the "shine points" on the eyes. The left side eye has its shine point at the back of the eye while the right side has the shine point in the front. It looks weird if you look at it super close.


Godzilla 1994 is a great entry into NECA'S Godzilla line up. It's a definite must own for a collector and one that is safe enough for kids due to the soft backplates. I'd say 8+ (even though this line is meant for the 14+ crowd). While not a PERFECT representation of Godzilla from 1994, it's pretty close and that's alright with me.

Rating: Star Rating

Addendum: Reactor Glow Godzilla - Loot Crate Exclusive

As an addendum to this review, I'd like to follow it up with sort of a mini review!

A Loot Crate version of this figure was released in April 2017. "Reactor Glow Godzilla" is the exact same sculpt but just with new paint and glow in the dark portions on the mold. Normally when I review a NECA Godzilla figure, I have to rip it out of the packaging but in this case, due to the rarity of the packaging itself, I've decided to leave it in the box so you're getting as close to an actual review as possible.

The paint on the figure is pretty cool with Godzilla having a cool blue paint job on his claws - although I don't know why green wasn't chosen for this as it would have continued the theme. The red for the gums seems to have bled onto the sides of the teeth on the bottom but not in the front. The top of the mouth has nicely painted white teeth. The eyes have a mix of yellow iris and black pupils and, from what I can see, there's only a little bit of crosseyed-ness going on.

The glow in the dark gimmick is pretty cool and it has a really nice, vibrant effect. Unfortunately, unless you have a great camera setup ready, taking photos of of it in the dark is going to be tricky and they don't do the figure justice.

Since this is a special case, I'm not going to give this one a score. If you'd like to get this figure chances are Ebay/Amazon is the way to go. Overall, it's cool but because of the high prices, it seems like it'll only interest collectors/completionists.