Classic Godzilla 1985 12" Head to Tail
Version Source
 The Return of Godzilla
Company: NECA
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2014 Height: 30 centimeters
Chris Mirjahangir

Based on the King of the Monsters from The Return of Godzilla (1984), which is titled Godzilla 1985 in the US and where this figure gets its name. The controversial Classic Godzilla 1985 12" Head to Tail figure from NECA is now out. How is it? Well, let's see shall we?

Side View

NECA'S Godzilla 1985 figure is probably one of the more inaccurate figures I've seen but it also has its charm as well. But first, a little background:

Exclusive to Toho Kingdom was the unveiling of this figure on July 21st, 2014. When I first was sent photos of the figure by NECA, I knew it was going to make waves in a very negative way. Within seconds of debuting the figure on our message board, the cries of angry fans and collectors were everywhere. This included on Toho Kingdom's message board, Twitter, Facebook etc. The complaints stemmed from the overly small and woefully inaccurate head on the figure.


The outcry worked and the head was later changed to what you see now, which is more suit accurate. This resulted in a much larger head in perspective to the body. Thanks to the larger size, the eyes were enlarged and also have the infamous "upward look" that matched the original suit. The jaw size was also increased to better match the suit. Paint on the figure was also muted, losing the blue tint seen in the prototype for a more gray tone. All the changes were beneficial, bringing the figure closer to its onscreen inspiration.

For the final product, it looks ok in some angles but can also look like he's depressed in other angles. The tail seems to be a tad shorter than it was in the film as well, along with thinner. One thing that did slip by the fans (since that original head was so distracting) is the fact that the toenails on the feet are all different sizes. Suit accuracy or not, this just makes no sense. I'm surprised it even got approved but unless you really concentrate on them, you'll forget about them pretty easily. Moving on, the backplates aren't as big as they were in the film which adds to the inaccuracy of the figure but it's not a sticking point whatsoever. The backplates are uniform as they were on the suit in the film however which is nice. Like Godzilla 1994, they're soft and bendable and not the sharp as knives backplates on the Godzilla 2014 figure and feel good to the touch especially their middle with the "rough" area.

Dorsal Fins

The paint on Godzilla 1985 is all over the place. The teeth look like they have too much paint on them in spots while in other spots, there's no paint. On one of the teeth, there's a big brown blob and I don't even know how that happened since there's no brown paint around the mouth at all. What's correctly painted on the teeth does look nice however. I like the pop of the white. The inside of the mouth is painted ok in a mix of pink and black for detail. However, I don't know if the black on the tongue is to add an extra level of detail or it's a sloppy paint job. The claws are a mix of dark brown with a slight fade to dark yellow which would look great if not for the spotty paint job. The toenails are about the same level of quality for the paint but they don't have the dark brown to yellow fade. For the eyes, I can't tell if they're white paint for the eyeball and a sticker for the pupils or if the pupils were painted on. In any case, they look pretty cool. The backplates don't look good at all because there seems to be a mix up on where the paint should be applied. One half of the backplates on the lower half of the body have a different color-a blue color- than the upper half of the body which is a black color. It's really strange. The grey on the backplates looks really good and has a nice pop when viewed from a foot away. The blue color from the upper half of the black plates is also blended in on the body of the figure itself in spots. Specifically the feet (more so under them).


For articulation Godzilla 1985's legs can rotate 360 degrees and so can his feet. The arms can rotate 360 degrees and move side to side and there's slight articulation at the elbows. There's a joint behind the knee where it looks like it could bend but I haven't been able to. I'm not sure why it's there to be honest. The jaw can open and close and the head, along with the neck can move 360 degrees and also move up and down slightly. While the hands can move 360 degrees, they don't have the finger articulation that the Classic Godzilla 1994 12" Head to Tail figure had which is a shame. As usual the tail is half articulated joints and half rubber with a bendy wire to allow for different poses which I like.

No accessories are included which is to be expected with the NECA Godzilla line. A Super-X accessory would have been cool but it would have driven the cost up on the figure a little more.

Overall, there haven't been very many figures of Godzilla 1984/1985 over the years and this one is a welcome addition despite its faults. Definitely pick it up if you're a fan of the film or a collector. I've seen some very happy fans finally able to recreate scenes from the film in dioramas with this figure which is pretty cool to see. I just wish the execution on the figure was better.

Rating: Star Rating