Godzilla Chibi Figure 6-Pack
Version Source
Company: Bandai Creation
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2013 Height: 6 centimeters
Chris Mirjahangir

Debuting from Bandai in late August 2013 is a six figure set of chibi (deformed) figures from the Godzilla series. The set includes, and click on a link for a review of that individual toy:

Pacakge Text

The figures come in a 6 pack (MMSRP $19.99), a 2 pack, and a single pack. One word of warning about the 6 pack is that the figures can be a little tough to pull out of their plastic since it's firm to their form. What's nice about the 6 pack is that the packaging can also double as a case to hold all the figures. Another really nice tough is that in raised text on top of the package is "Gojira" spelled out in Japanese.

Box Designs

As for the toys, these guys don't do much. In fact, they don't do anything. No moving parts or anything and, to me, that's just fine because they look awesome. Godzilla for example is the perfect blend of friendly with some edge to him, Destoroyah looks crazy yet goofy and King Ghidorah is just straight up fun. They're painted beautifully (with a couple of blemishes here and there but it's not a big deal) and their colors really pop. Look at the intensity in Destoroyah's eyes for example.

If there WAS any downside to this set, it's that the photos on the back of the box do not match a couple of the figures. For example, the figure for Gigan on the back of the box, which can be seen to the right, has an arm raised while the actual figure has the arms at the sides. This is because pre-production and not finalized designs were used.

Overall, In my opinion, these figures are great for kids, something to decorate your car's dashboard with; the list goes on and on. They're a welcome addition to the Bandai creations 2013 lineup and I'd love to see this series continue. Chibi Anguirus anyone?

Rating: Star Rating