Toy: Burning Godzilla: Artistic Monsters Collection (CCP)


Burning Godzilla: Artistic Monsters Collection

Japanese Toy Title

PLEX × CCPシリーズ 第5弾 バーニングゴジラ
[PLEX × CCP Shirizu Dai 5-Dan Baningugojira]




24 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Destoroyah



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Before we begin, let me start off by saying this is not an original release, but a 2009 reissue of the CCP Burning Godzilla. Unlike the original release, this figure does not come with a miniature, red Hedorah. Is there any real difference between the Burning Godzillas, however? Judging from images, nothing I can really note. The paint scheme and sculpt seem virtually identical. Now… with all that said….

My very first CCP figure. This is a company I quickly became interested in as I began to dive into more companies outside of Bandai and Trendmasters. Unfortunately, by this time, most of the figures I really wanted became way too far out of my comfortable price range. And then I stumbled across this guy for around $80 from a trusted E-Bay store. I had the money. I wanted a CCP Godzilla. I loved the colors and sculpt. Of course, I took the bait.


Side View
Side View

Burning Godzilla stands a pretty impressive nine and a half inches. What really makes this figure unique is the tail placement. While most figures have Godzilla’s tail simply stretched out behind him, this release features his tail curving the side. This means it can be clearly seen when looking at it from the front. There is a slight flaw to this, however. Unless you have the tail positioned correctly, the figure will be wobbly. And if you look at it from behind, the spines at the base of the tail will not line up with the spines at the very bottom of the back. This is a pretty minuscule complaint and can’t even be noticed from most angles.

The sculpt is pretty darn good and looks very accurate. The spines and face are easily my favorite aspects of this release. The entire body is highly detailed with nothing left bland or smooth.

The entire body is molded out of hard, translucent orange vinyl. The head, however, is made of a softer vinyl that can be squished.

For scaling wise, things get a little tricky here. If you’re hoping to put this guy with even eight inch Bandai releases, be ready to be disappointed. He stands a pretty apparent inch over them. Unfortunately, he’s too small to go with X-Plus releases. His sculpt makes him stand out when on a shelf with Marmit releases, despite actually scaling pretty well with even their more “realistic” sculpts.


Not much here. You have your rotating head, arms, legs and tail. The legs are pretty pointless to move, as is the tail. If you don’t have them positioned just right, the figure sits on a slant.


None. Not even the miniature Hedorah that came with the original 2007 release.


Face Paint
Face Paint

VERY cool paint job here. Seems to be heavily modeled after the scene in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah where Godzilla is theorized to explode and take the world out with him. The entire thing is sculpted in a neat translucent orange but then properly painted with more shades of red and orange. It is a very simple, but extremely effective, paint scheme. Honestly, this is probably my favorite Burning Godzilla figure I own because of this. Another great aspect is the face. The eyes are especially piercing with no paint slop on the translucent vinyl. The eyes aren’t crooked or uneven, something that seems like a God send after numerous issues of the sort with more expensive Monster Arts releases.

Besides the orange and reds, Godzilla’s teeth are also appropriately painted a silver color. Like the eyes, there is no paint slop to be seen here. Some companies could definitely learn off of the small details present in this Godzilla’s eyes and tiny teeth.


If it wasn’t for the awkward tail issue which causes the figure to lean/wobble, this would be a perfect score. Unfortunately, that small issue prevents me from giving it a solid five. However, beyond that small issue, this figure is pretty damn cool. The sculpt and colors look absolutely amazing. Yeah, he won’t be your go to Burning Godzilla if you want something that scales with other monsters, but if you can squeeze him on a shelf somewhere, he surely makes it pop. While this is my only CCP release I own (as of December 2017), I surely hope future ones I pick up can live up to this one. The bar has been set pretty damn high.

**Below are several bonus images, including some close-up and size comparison shots.**

Rating: Star Rating