Toy: Burning Godzilla 1995 (Playmates Toys)


Burning Godzilla 1995

English Toy Title

Classic Basic Figures Playmates Toys: Godzilla 1995




Playmates Toys
17 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Destoroyah



By: Barron Christopher (submission)

Once again I want to extend a huge “Thank You!” to Toho Kingdom and Playmates for providing me with another Godzilla figure to review. I love being able to do this and am excited to share my thoughts on the next Godzilla figure in Playmates Classic Godzilla toy line! Here we go!


Much like the previous release of Godzilla 2004, Burning Godzilla is made out of vinyl as opposed to plastic like the early figures. The figure stands at 6.5in tall and is sculpted in an attack position rather than a neutral stance. The body of Burning Godzilla is one of the best sculpts Playmates has done so far. Scaling wise the figure goes great with the other Classics figures especially the other Heisei era figures like Destroyah and SpaceGodzilla.


Burning Godzilla’s head, arms and legs can all rotate as well as the tail/


Other than the tail being a separate piece to attach to the figure, there are no accessories.


The paint on Burning Godzilla is very unique. The burning patches on Godzilla are a mixture of orange and yellow. His dorsal fins are orange with black in the center that replicates the look of them in the movie. At first glance it may not seem like the smaller fins on the tail are painted but they actaully are with small shades of grey which look fantastic. The mouth has solid detail with white painted teeth and purplish red in the mouth. The eyes are painted yellow/dark red with black pupils. The main color on the figure is black but what is so cool about it is that when placed in a bright light setting parts of the figure give off a purplish color, which looks really neat and is something we haven’t seen on a Godzilla figure before. The only gripe I have is that I wish the claws were painted.


This is a fantastic figure. It seems that with each release Playmates is getting better and better with their Classic Godzilla toy line. The sculpt and detail on this figure are major improvements over the earlier releases. Another great thing is that Burning Godzilla goes great with the Destroyah figure that Playmates put out last year. The Burning Godzilla design has always been popular amongst hardcore and casual Godzilla fans alike so I imagine this figure will be a high seller. As of right now, we don’t know what Playmates has planned next for their Classic Godzilla line, but we can expect the next figures are going to look just as good as their new Burning Godzilla!

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Rating: Star Rating