Biollante - Sound
Version Source
 Godzilla vs. Biollante
Company: Trendmasters
Extras: Trading Card (Some Releases)
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1995 Height: 15 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

1995 saw the release of many new kaiju for the Trendmasters line of Godzilla toys. Like the Anguirus reviewed previously, Biollante was one of many new kaiju brought into the Godzilla Wars line of figures. Unlike Anguirus, however, Biollante was given a six inch, roaring, posable figure. When put in line with other Trendmasters figures of the size, Biollante does stand out. The man-made monster, for the most part, looks like a fair representation of the monster with some notable changes. One thing I should bring up is that, over the years, my figure of Biollante's sound device has been damaged so it can no longer do the roar it once did, however, I don't remember it being Biollante's known roar. This version of Biollante was also released without a roar, for those interested.

Side View

In order to be easily made and played with, Trendmasters felt the need to redo Biollante's lower half. This means that she no longer has the root-like legs, but now has more traditional humanoid legs. She is still equipped with several tentacles, but these are now positioned to be more like arms. To give Biollante more balance, she was also given a small tail-like inclusion that helps to keep her from falling forward. This design, thankfully, doesn't exactly fail either. The feet could have been given more work for the star-pattern of toes does seem a bit odd, though. As a plus, all six of Biollante's tentacles can rotate, allowing each to face the front or back of the plant.

A nice thing about this release of the popular kaiju is that, while her main body is hard plastic, the tentacles are made of rubber. This allows the tentacles to be bent sideways and attack kaiju to her side. Sadly, Biollante's massive maw isn't able to open and close, a trait that shouldn't have been ignored given the massive size of her mouth compared to other kaiju. Another complaint about movable parts is her legs. The oddly-designed star-shaped feet don't allow her legs to move like those of other six inch figures. 

Back View

Color wise, Biollante is pretty spot on. She's painted a dark green, like her movie version, with a blue highlight on her back for good measures. Her energy sac is still a red-orange and her claws and teeth are all a cream color. The only color complaint I can give is the overly pink insides of her mouth. The pink is just too... pink. It looks very odd given the power this figure shows. Detail wise, Biollante also doesn't fail. For the most part, her body is detailed finely, but once again I direct your attention to her maw. For some reason, Trendmasters decided to give Biollante a big, wide tongue but forgot to give any other detail. The teeth lacing her upper and lower mouth aren't painted and there is virtually no detail to be found on the tongue. Thankfully all six of the tentacle's maws have decent detail.

All in all, Biollante isn't the worst figure ever, but nor is she the best. The lack of detail inside her mouth is discouraging, but she is a nice figure to have, and easily the best figure of her released in the United States thus far. One final thing I should note that Biollante was released with a trading card, but this card has become lost, so I can't offer scans of it like I did some other releases by the company.

Rating: Star Rating