Toy: Biollante: Toho Daikaiju Series (X-Plus)



Biollante: Toho Daikaiju Series

Japanese Toy Title

東宝大怪獣シリーズ 「ビオランテ」
[Toho Daikaiju Shirizu "Biorante"]




Vinyl Statue
31 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Biollante



By: Chris Mirjahangir

One of the coolest and biggest figures I’ve reviewed, 1989’s Biollante from X-Plus has arrived and it’s AWESOME!!


Back View
Back View

I can’t stress enough how awesome the sculpt on this figure is. The level of detail is astounding! From the smallest bit of texture on the vines to the scales on Biollante’s face, it’s obvious A LOT of work has gone on here (This is a rather large figure too with the dimensions of: 25”W x 18”L x 15”H and it weighs about 6lbs). I really like how the smaller vines wrap around the larger ones and the way they’re spread out over the figure looks really cool. More than other representations of Biollante that I’ve seen, this one just looks downright evil. It’s awesome!

Biollante’s “heart” is sturdily in place with the tentacle vines surrounding it and they’re of a harder vinyl which is nice. The “backplates” on the top that stretch down the back of the figure are meticlously detailed as well and the mouthed vines (or tentacles) are not only incredibly detailed, they’re all set in dramatic poses to great effect.


The only bit of articulation Biollante has is that her jaw can open and close. It’s not much, but the X-Plus line is largely just figure statues with no moving parts.


For accessories, Biollante has none. I can’t think of anything I’d want to see with her and since this is a reissue of a previous version that had a glowing light gimmick, maybe a acid sap beam effect? Maybe they’ll save that for yet another S.H. MonsterArts repaint.


Thorn Paint App
Thorn Paint App

For the paint, it’s a mostly awesome job. The way that the light green blends in with the darker green at the base or how the bone white color of the tusks fade to brown towards the’s all so expertly painted. Biollante’s mouth (and the mouths of the tentacle vines) have a rose color paint job to them (they do have a little bit of paint blemish going on around the teeth but it’s hardly noticeable unless you really look) and it matches up perfectly with the dirty white teeth.

There are no paint blemishes on the black thorn paint and it really makes it look like this could be an actual plant when mixed with the heavy /light green paint on the vines. It’s not 100% perfect, however. The problem lies with the paint application on the eyes as it looks like the right eye is bigger than the left. It’s not a big deal but it is noticeable.


Face Close Up
Face Close Up

Biollante is a BIG figure and will require a lot of display space. She’s also rather pricy at $400+ but the X-Plus line is aimed at the more hardcore collector and it’s the best representation of the character I’ve ever seen.

While the issue with the eye paint is slightly distracting, it’s such a small issue it doesn’t effect the score at all. If you can afford this figure and have the space, I highly reccomend it but make sure you order quickly. Once it goes out of print, the aftermarket price will shoot up quickly.

**Below are a number of bonus images, including several close-up shots and some artistic photos utilizing color filters.**

Rating: Star Rating