Toy: Battle Roar Kong 2024 (Playmates Toys)


Battle Roar Kong 2024

English Toy Title

Deluxe Figures: 7" Battle Roar Kong




Playmates Toys
18 centimeters


Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire



By: Barron Christopher (submission)

A new Godzilla movie means new toys! I was very pleased to hear that Playmates Toys would be coming back to do the toy line for “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire“ as I loved what they did with “Godzilla vs Kong”. Special thanks to Playmates Toys and Toho Kingdom for letting me get to come back and review another toy! How is the new Battle Roar Kong? Well let’s find out!


Standing at 7 inches, this Kong is a beast! There's a button on the back that once pressed lets out an earthshattering roar. The sculpt and detail on this figure look fantastic and even better than the Battle Roar Kong from 2021. The body is made out of hard plastic and head made out rubber. The figure overall looks great and like it just popped out of the screen. Kong stands in an action-like pose that makes him look ready for war against Godzilla or Skar King!


Kong has articulated arms, legs, feet and hands. He’s posed in a way that has him looking like he’s ready for battle!




The paint on this particular Kong figure really stands out especially compared to the previous Battle Roar Kong. The figure is painted in black and gray. The eyes retain their orange color with black pupils. The teeth are painted a bone white color and look really nice. The scars on his chest are painted in a light gray color. All in all, the color scheme matches up with his appearance in the movie perfectly.


I really enjoyed the Battle Roar figures of Godzilla, Kong and Mechagodzilla that Playmates did for the first movie, and I’m really happy to see this particular line continue! Kong looks great and is a really nice improvement upon the 2021 Battle Roar Kong figure. This figure is an absolute blast and I love how the mouth moves when it roars! For a $15 price point, you certainly can’t go wrong with this guy! I’ve already got the Battle Roar Godzilla Evolved and Skar King too, now just waiting for Shimo! Playmates, if you’re reading this, might I suggest a Battle Roar Mothra too?

**Below are bonus images of the figure.**

Rating: Star Rating