Toy: Battle Roar Godzilla 2021 (Playmates Toys)



Battle Roar Godzilla 2021

English Toy Title

Battle Roar Monsters: Battle Roar Godzilla




Playmates Toys
20 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Kong



By: Barron Christopher (submission)

My thanks and appreciation to Toho Kingdom and Playmates for allowing me to come back for Round 2 of reviewing toys for “Godzilla vs Kong”! The line of toys that Playmates has created for this film continue to impress me with each release! This has, in my opinion, been the best toy line we’ve gotten for any of the Monsterverse films. “Godzilla vs Kong” is currently out in theaters and HBO Max and has been a monster (no pun intended) hit! Let’s get started!


Battle Roar Godzilla stands at 7 inches tall. The figures stands in a battle pose looking like he’s roaring into the sky. There is a button above his right shoulder blade that you press on to open his mouth and make him roar. He has several roars, all of which sound exactly how he sounds in the movie. There is no battle damage on this figure. I really like the way this particular Godzilla figure is sculpted. There aren’t many Godzilla figures out there that come in a roaring pose like this particular one. The really cool thing is if you lay him face down he looks like he is crawling on all four’s in the crocodile pose just like he does in the movie during the final battle with Kong.


At 7in tall, Godzilla has a few points of articulation. The arms, legs and feet can all move as well as the tail. Godzilla’s jaw is able to open and close once you press the button above the right shoulder to activate the roar feature.


No accessories for this particular figure.


The paint on this Godzilla figure is the same as the 6in Heat Ray Godzilla. Once again like the Heat Ray Godzilla this figure has the translucent spikes on his back, which mentioned in my previous review how much I love that Playmates did that.


Playmates continues to find huge success with their “Godzilla vs. Kong” figures, and Battle Roar Godzilla is no exception. I love gimmick figures like this and I was so excited when I found out that Playmates was doing electronic figures. I feel no Godzilla toy line is complete without electronic figures that roar. Even though it is slightly bigger, I still feel it scales well with the basic 6in figures in this toy line. At a $15 price point it’s easy to see why this will be a big hit with fans. I can’t wait to get the Battle Roar Kong to go with him and hopefully they do a Battle Roar Mechagodzilla too! I’m so excited to see what else Playmates has in store for us fans!

**Below are several bonus images of the figure.**

Rating: Star Rating