Toy: Baragon 1965: Kingsaurus Series (Popy)


Baragon 1965: Kingsaurus Series

Japanese Toy Title

ポピー キングザウルスシリーズ 「バラゴン」 ソフビ怪獣
[Popi Kinguzaurusu Shirizu "Baragon" Sofubi Kaiju]




15 centimeters
18 centimeters


Frankenstein vs. Baragon



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

There are those that said this day would never come…

Back View
Back View

Indeed, throughout my years in this wonderful fandom, I have come to be known as pretty anti-vintage. Even now, I hold the opinion of “vintage crap is still crap no matter the year.” I just could never understand the love and admiration for the classic Bullmark and Popy figures, even if they were the first Godzilla/kaiju figures of all time. Loving them for historical merits is one thing, but claiming some are just amazing sculpts… I just will never understand. Thus, I have pretty much avoided vintage figures for most of my collecting years. I filled in some gaps with the Iwakura Bullmark recreations series one and two just so I could say I owned some classic sculpts, if not miniaturized, in one way or another. Admittedly, I do like the Bullmark Megalon and MechaGodzilla sculpts of old.

But it was just a few months ago that I was browsing Mandrake Japan and this guy came up. The sheer ugliness of this thing caught my attention. I figured it’d be out of my price range as most vintage things usually are, but to my surprise, it was only $50. I spent more than that on exclusive Bandai variants. So I sat on it for a few days, pondering if I should bite the bullet. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted it. It wasn’t just ugly, but unique. Like a dog that you imagine was mangled and you ask its owner what happened to it and they simply say that the playful pup was born that way and is perfectly happy despite looking like Satan’s toilet the morning after a hellish Taco Tuesday.

And with that, I purchased my first true vintage Popy…


Side View
Side View

Baragon is sculpted entirely of hard, red vinyl. It seems to be based primarily on the incarnation found in Frankenstein vs. Baragon. The sculpt retains that typical stylized look of its time with the legs especially disproportioned and head seemingly too big. The sculpt does feature some pretty good detail on the skin with plenty of bumps and scales etched across it. Even the teeth are sculpted on instead of merely painted on. So for such an old figure, color me impressed. It isn’t anything remarkable, but it beat my expectations.

The face with its large, floppy looking lips is probably my favorite aspect of this figure. If it didn’t look so ugly thanks to those lips, it might actually look a bit scary.

Size wise, it stands roughly six inches high and does scale pretty well with your typical Bandais. It looks a bit weird when next to the more accurate representations of kaiju, but next to some other modern stylized figures, it fits right in.


Baragon features your typical revolving legs and tails that even your standard Bandais share. The arms are unable to move a full 360 degrees because of its ear flaps being in the way of its hands.


Nope. None. Nadda.


Close Up
Close Up

Baragon is molded entirely in red vinyl and features only two colors of paint: black and white. The beast’s eyes and teeth are all painted white and fairly cleanly. There is some paint slop around the corner of the mouth on mine, but it isn’t terribly noticeable. It then has black sprayed across its entire body, especially on its sides, face and limbs. This black paint actually looks pretty cool against the red vinyl, almost making Baragon look like he’s going into his own Burning Form. It’d be nice if the claws and horn were painted, but I guess that might be asking too much for a figure pushing forty years old.

Staff Note: There are two variations of Popy Baragon - one with green paint and the one reviewed here with black paint. Other than the paint app, both figures are identical.


Well, this is it. My first ever vintage kaiju toy. For a measly $50 and given its age, I’d say its worth it. The sculpt is just so ugly that I love it. Funny enough, Baragon seems to be one of those kaiju I have the most different type of sculpts for. Will I ever get any other vintage toys? Who knows, I do like the Bullmark Megalon and MechaGodzilla sculpts. And I admit, I’d like to get a Popy Godzilla to set alongside this guy. I guess time will tell.

**Below are several bonus images, including some close-up and size comparison shots.**

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