Version Source
 Destroy All Monsters
Company: Bandai
Extras: Attached Tag
Classification: Figure Reissue: Yes
Release: 2001 Length: 20 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Anguirus remains one of the more famous kaiju to be featured in a Toho movie and also remains as a fan favorite for many. It comes as no surprise that Anguirus has been featured in numerous Godzilla video games and has been given a figure by not only Bandai, but by Trendmasters and several others. This particular release is the 2001 version released by Bandai.

Front View

Standing at three inches tall and eight inches long, the attached tag says that this release is based on the 1968 suit from Destroy All Monsters. All four limbs of Anguirus can move, but his head and tail can't. Also, given the fact Anguirus is a quadruped and the position of the back legs, the moving hind legs are relatively pointless.

Looking over the mold, there are a number of flaws here. While the basic shape of Anguirus is correct, his scaling isn't. No, not the scaling with other figures, but the scales covering his body. For some reason, Anguirus seems to have been given a type of overlapping scales, much like those found on snakes. Another flaw with the mold is its carapace. In the movie, Anguirus' spines pointed in various directions, but for this release, they all point up at an angle.

Back View

Besides those flaws, the rest of Anguirus is done nicely. The choice of brown does give Anguirus a nice look, but some more flaws come up with the carapace. The spiked carapace that adorns Anguirus back has, for some reason, been painted gold. As have the spikes and the upper half of his tail.

Despite these problems, Anguirus is a decent figure. He comes at a reasonable price and fits right in with the other Bandai figures. He's one of many Anguirus figures released and re-released through the years and, while not the best, deserves his spot in a collection.

Rating: Star Rating