Toy: Anguirus 1968: Toho 30cm Series (X-Plus)



Anguirus 1968: Toho 30cm Series

Japanese Toy Title

X-PLUS 東宝30cmシリーズ 「アンギラス1968版」(再販)
[X-Plus Toho 30cm Shirizu "Angirasu 1968-Ban" (Saihan)]




Vinyl Statue
61 centimeters


Destroy All Monsters



By: Chris Mirjahangir

Our 2nd Showa monster review from the X-Plus line comes in the form of Anguirus. Released in 2016, this is one of the best representations of the character I’ve seen in figure form.


Back View
Back View

I’m quite fond of how well Anguirus is represent as this figure because of just how closely the actual suit seems to be represented. The mold has folds to emulate the 1968 suit and it’s awesome. I did notice something new on the design and that’s the spikes on the back of Angurius’ hind legs. Of all the years I’ve been a fan of the series and watched all the movies, I’ve never noticed that detail before. It’s really cool to notice something new after all this time!

Anguirus’ back spikes are sharp to the touch but not so sharp to where you might hurt yourself and the way they look really gives the figure some size. The pose given is a pretty cool one which emulates how the actor would be inside the suit and on the back, the folds where the actor would enter the suit. Another thing I’d like to mention is how great the scales look. Individually sculpted and the way they blend into the molded folds looks awesome. Finally, installing the tail can be a little trying but after heating it with a hair dryer (see instructions), I was able to get the tail in. It took me a couple of tries because I had to learn that you have to REALLY heat the tail up to get it in. Just don’t do it to the point where the end piece is going to melt.


There’s no articulation with this figure.


No accessories are included with this release.


Face View
Face View

The paint is a MOSTLY perfect job. There are small parts that can be seen as tiny blemishes that aren’t noticeable unless you look for them. For example, the paint on a few of the teeth is incomplete on a couple of teeth and on the back, some of the paint is a little scattered next to each spike. Although, it’s tough to know if this was part of the suit design and if it’s something X-Plus was trying to emulate.

The eyes, I’m not sure of. I can’t tell if it’s a decal or hand painted but they look great all the same. There are slight differences on each eye and there’s a mix of brown in the white pupil which is a nice touch. The spikes on the back, tail, and teeth are a mix of dirty white/vanilla. The claws and horn (which has a tiny paint blemish but you’d have to really try to notice it) have almost a brownish translucent sort of paint job that give it a real nice shine with a dark brown fade as it gets closer to the skin. The red in the mouth and tongue is perfectly painted as well.


I love this figure. As I stated earlier, this is one of the best representations of the character and I especially love the almost sarcastic look he has when you look at him dead on. It’s almost like a “…really?” expression. It’s great! So, should you pick up Anguirus?

YES if you’re a fan of the series and YES if you’re new to X-Plus or a seasoned collector. You win either way!

Special thanks to Entertainment Earth for sending in Anguirus for review!

**Included below are a number of bonus images. The artistic shots are meant to show off how creative with the figure you can be!**

Rating: Star Rating