Toy: Anguirus (Trendmasters)



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(Original) Godzilla Wars "Godzilla vs. Anguirus" Battle Set Anguirus / (Repaint) Godzilla Wars 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition Anguirus


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7 centimeters/7 centimeters


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By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Getting near the end of Trendmasters line of small scale figures, we have the buffed up Anguirus. Given a drastic redesign for the “extreme 90s”, Trendmasters' version of Anguirus is definitely a love it or hate it take. This figure was widely released in two packs against Godzilla, in the company's second 40th anniversary set and the limited special color 40th anniversary set.


Released in 1995, Anguirus joined the ranks of the Trendmasters Godzilla line of figures after the first line proved to be a success. The second series of figures, dubbed Godzilla Wars, saw the inclusion of famous kaiju like Biollante, Gigan, SpaceGodzilla, Moguera, Battra, and Anguirus along with the very rare figures of Megalon, Varan, and Baragon. Like the later three, Anguirus' figure is easily the most 'upgraded' of the entire line. Gone is this famous brute's quadrupedal stance and in its place, a bipedal, hulking, and very muscular Anguirus. Sporting muscles that would make any pro-wrestler blush, Anguirus' new design, interestingly, still fits the kaiju nicely.

While some revamps, such as Baragon's, looked nothing like the original, Anguirus retains his original design while being pulled fourth into the 1990's. The design alone, much like the Trendmasters release of Gigan and Megalon, look as if they'd fit in perfectly with the powerful Heisei era kaiju. Being roughly three inches in height, this American Anguirus toy sports a rather nice detail. Eerie green eyes stare ahead from a crocodile-like snout that is crowned with the kaiju's famous crest of horns. The skin of Anguirus is smooth, but this seems to have been done on purpose. There's small details within the body of the beast, making it seem as if the monster would have an elephant-type hide if it actually existed. Even the insides of Anguirus' maw are heavily detailed. A flat tongue lays on its bottom jaw while the top is laced with ridges like a dog's.

As said before, this Anguirus is extremely muscular, one of the most muscular kaiju I've ever seen. The beast's tail stretches to the side and curls at the end, giving it enough power for a kid's imagination to have it trip up other kaiju and toys. Its back features the trademark carapace laced with dagger-like spikes. If there is one complaint I really can make about this figure, it is that the carapace doesn't cover the entire back and ends just a little ways past the halfway mark.


Like most figures in the line, Anguirus sports no articulation what so ever.


Should you have acquired this figure in the basic “versus pack” with a Godzilla figure, you would have received a trading card as well. It should be noted that the card describes Anguirus in his Showa persona as Godzilla's most trusted ally. Additionally, it lists the kaiju's size as 130 meters long and 50,000 metric tons, larger than his film counterpart by a significant amount, but smaller than the 2004 version that debuted nearly a decade later.


The basic Anguirus is sculpted entirely in a dark grey color with his spikes and claws a creamish color. Across the monster's chest and stomach, there is a faint amount of purple applied. Some fans may complain about the chest and stomach, as well as parts of Anguirus' legs, being colored purple. However, I do argue that this design scheme makes this version of Anguirus even sweeter. It gives the muscular kaiju some color other than black, but isn't as much of a change as if it suddenly switched to white or gray. It blends in nicely with the toy. The beast's eyes are a eerie green and the insides of his mouth are a very deep purple, almost too dark to even notice it being painted against the sculpt color. The teeth are painted a clean white, a slightly different shade compared to the spikes/claws.

The special color variant is sculpted a cool blue color. It retains the purple shading across the torso, but it is also added more to the upper arms. The claws and spikes remain the same color with the eyes now as blazing yellow. The inside of the mouth is now a vibrant red and the teeth now the same color as the spikes/claws.


I have a very large soft spot for this release. It defines the “extreme” nature of the 90s when toy lines such as Street Sharks and Extreme Dinosaurs ruled the toy isles of every store. You will never see a company do a redesign like this again. And while I fully understand why many fans hate it, I just can't do it. I find it hard to give this figure a fair score. The paint looks great, but its the wrong color. The sculpt is great... But it is so different than the character's original design. How does one balance it?

I find this as a no win situation. Thus, I'm just going to bite the bullet and give it a solid 3, despite the fact I really want to give it more out of pure bias.

**Below are several bonus images, including some alternate views and size comparisons.**

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