Yu Kurosawa  Yu Kurosawa (黒澤優)
  Date of birth:
  July 7th, 1982
  Tokyo, Japan
Acting Filmography


Best known for her role of Chihiro Moritani in Isola (2000), Yu Kurosawa is one of Japan's many female idols. A "jack of all trades" whose career spans across film, music, and modeling. What has allowed Kurosawa to stand out from her contemporaries, both on the local and international level, is her famous lineage. Yu Kurosawa is the granddaughter of filmmaker Akira Kurosawa and daughter of singer Hiroko Kurosawa (aka Hiroko Hayashi). Beyond her movie appearances, she also stared in the R-17 TV series.

In 2002, Yu married Mitsuru Matsuoka at the young age of 19. The pairing turned a few heads due to: the nine year age gap of the two, that they were married after being together for exactly one year, her noted pregnancy shortly afterwards, and the relative youth of Yu. At the time of their wedding, Yu announced her retirement from the public eye to concentrate on "being a housewife" and "raising children", and has bowed out of movies and other venues since. Her current real name is now Yu Matsuoka, taking her husband's last name, but is still more commonly referred to as Yu Kurosawa.

Other names: Yu Matsuoka (松岡優)

Acting Toho Filmography

Date      Title ROLE Type
2000 Isola Chihiro Moritani/Isola Produced