Vicki Lewis  Vicki Lewis (ヴィッキー・ルイス)
  Date of birth:
  March 17th, 1960
  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Acting Filmography


Best known for her role as Beth in the off-the wall comedy: News Radio, Vicki Lewis pursued a brief movie career shortly before the final season of the syndicated sitcom. The two major projects on the table were Mousehunt, the slapstick comedy which, true to its name, revolved around the capture of a peculiar mouse and the antics which inevitably ensued; and also GODZILLA (1998), a very loose remake of the classic sci-fi movie of the same title. Although Mousehunt was a critical success, its fame was very shortlived. GODZILLA (1998) lost its legs at the box office after the opening weekend. Vicki promptly returned to News Radio as it lived out its final season following the passing of Phil Hartman.

Since the close of the last decade, her career has consisted mainly of TV cameos, with one notable exception being a small role in the box office smash, Finding Nemo. The future looks to be a return to the bigscreen, with Out of Omaha; however, another Toho-related project appears unlikely.

Acting Toho Filmography

Date      Title ROLE Type
1998 GODZILLA Elsie Chapman, Doctor Distributed