Toshio Kurosawa
 Date of birth:
      February 4th, 1944
      Kanagawa, Japan

Best known for his role as Ashio Ryurei in Lady Snowblood (1973), Toshio Kurosawa was a prominent actor in Japanese cinema during the late 1960's through the mid 1970's. First starting his career at Toho in 1965, on Kihachi Okamoto's Samurai Assassin, Kurosawa (no relation to famed director Akira Kurosawa) embarked on an acting career in numerous Toho films. He worked exclusively for the studio, or for smaller studios whose output were then handled by Toho for distribution like Tokyo Eiga, up until the mid-1970's, when the crash of the Japanese film industry was reaching its full swing. Following a lead role in the 1976 film The Perfect Score Comedy, Kurosawa was never attached to another Toho project again; however, he is still active as an actor, and has been doing movies as late as 2000.

Acting Toho Filmography
Samurai Assassin (1965) - Katsunoshin Itamura
Electric Guitar Young Guy (1965) - Isawa
The Thin Line (1966) - Bartender
Moment of Terror (1966) - Hiro
The Adventure of Taklamakan (1966)
Punch Guy (1966)
Come Marry Me (1966)
Big Wind from Tokyo (1966)
This Is Youth! (1966)
1001 Night President (1967) - Jiro Ogawa
1001 Night President: Part 2 (1967) - Jiro Ogawa
Izu Dancer (1967) - Kawasaki, High School Student
Large Thief's Comical Story (1967)
Japan's Longest Day (1967) - Hatanaka, Major
Burn! Solar (1967)
The Encounter (1968) - Tsutomu Eto
Prosperous President Description (1968) - Tetsu Tanaka
Prosperous President Description: Part 2 (1968) - Tetsu Tanaka
Goodbye, Moscow (1968) - Isozaki
That Cerrtain Age (1968)
Admiral Yamamoto (1968) - Kimura, First Lieutenant
Go For It, Young Ones! (1968) - Shin Ono
Which has the Spring in Town? (1968)
Burn! Springtime of Life (1968)
Hymn to a Tired Man (1968) - Zensaku's Son
Our Wilderness (1969)
Battle of the Japan Sea (1969) - Maeyama, Private First Class
Resurrection of the Beast (1969)
Rebellion to Glory (1970)
City of Beasts (1970) - Arima
The Militarists (1970) - Kamikaze Pilot
Batsugun Shojo Takasei: Sottoshi Toite Jurokusai (1970)
Duel at Fort Ezo (1970)
Attack in Broad Daylight (1970)
No Sunday for Youth (1971) - Kenichi Amari
The Rain Was Falling (1971)
Zoku Showa Hito Keta Shacho Tai Futaketa Shain: Getsu-Getsu Kasui Moku Kinkin (1971) - Kenichi Amari
The Wolves (1971) - Tsutomu Onodera
Enormous People (1971)
Horror of the Wolf (1973)
The Human Revolution (1973)
A Salaryman's Honor (1973)
Lady Snowblood (1973) - Ashio Ryurei, Writer
Hanzo the Razor: The Snare (1973) - Junkai Mikoshiba, Fencing Instructor
The Beast Shall Die (1974) - Junichi Shoda
Evil of Dracula (1974) - Shiraki, Professor
Prophecies of Nostradamus (1974) - Akira Nakagawa, Photographer
The Perfect Score Comedy (1976) - Same Youhei