Tadanobu Asano  Tadanobu Asano (浅野忠信)
  Date of birth:
  November 27th , 1973
  Kanagawa, Japan
Acting Filmography


Best known for his sadistic portrayal of Kakihara in Ichi the Killer, Tadanobu Asano, born Tadanobu Sato, started his acting career at the young age of 16 on a TV series with advice from his father, an agent for actors. Two years later, Asano would make the jump to film and start a very lucartive career. Unlike many Japanese actors, Asano adapted more readily to the film medium and left behind television acting, commiting most of his work to theatrical movies. In addition to acting, Asano also directed commercials for his then wife Chara, and is also a musician for a band he helped form called " MACH-1.67" with futue Gojoe (2000) director Sogo Ishii in 1996.

Although Asano continues to act in Japan, appearing in films such as Lupin the 3rd (2014), he has become a popualr actor abroad as well. This includes roles in Marvel's Thor and Universal's 47 Ronin.

Other names: Tadanobu Sato (佐藤忠信)

Acting Toho Filmography

Date      Title ROLE Type
1995 Four Sisters Akira Higuchi Distributed
1996 Acri Hisoka Distributed
1997 Tokyo Biyori   Distributed
1999 Gemini Revenger with Sword Distributed
2000 Gojoe Shanao, Halfling Demon Distributed
2004 Survive Style 5+ Ishigaki Distributed
2014 Lupin the 3rd Koichi Zenigata, Inspector Produced
2014 Parasyte Goto Produced