Seishi Yokomizo  Seishi Yokomizo (横溝正史)
  Writer / Actor
  Date of birth:
  May 24th , 1902
  Kobe, Japan
  Date of death:
  December 28th, 1981
  Tokyo, Japan
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One of Japan's most famous authors, Seishi Yokomizo is best remembered for his work on the popular Kosuke Kindaichi character. Yokomizo's first venture into writing occurred at the young age of 19 when his work was first published in the magazine New Youth. 13 years later, the writer would pen his first novel, Onibi, which was published in 1935. Unfortunately, due to timing with World War II, the author had trouble getting more of his work into circulation, although even at this point in time the author had already had his work adapted for the big screen starting with Battledore Mystery by Shochiku in 1938. After the war had passed, Yokomizo found himself with a large following from his detective novel work, which resulted in more movies from Daiei and other studios, including Toho with the 1954 movie Ghost Man.

More than a decade later, the author's popularity would go through a huge resurgence in the mid-1970's, brought on by new novels and the film The Inugamis (1976). This led into a huge boom in relation to the Kosuke Kindaichi character, who was appearing in both movies and on television as part of the Seishi Yokomizo Series (1977), named after the esteemed author. His last work on the character was completed in 1977, called The House of Hanging on Hospital Hill which Toho made into a movie two years later. Regretfully, the author passed away two years after the movie was produced, losing a fight to cancer.

Today, Yokomizo is remembered through an award distributed by Kadokawa and TBS annually, called the "Yokomizo Seishi Mystery Award", that takes unpublished mystery work and releases them in a book format while TBS adapts the work for TV.

Writer Toho Filmography

Date      Title Type
1954 Ghost Man Produced
1956 Vampire Moth Produced
1976 The Inugamis Distributed
1977 Lullaby to Kill Produced
1977 Hell's Gate Island Produced
1977 Seishi Yokomizo Series Television
1978 Queen Bee Produced
1979 House of Hanging Produced
1996 The 8-Tomb Village Produced
2006 Murder of the Inugami Clan Distributed

Acting Toho Filmography

Date      Title ROLE Type
1976 The Inugamis Nasu Hotel Owner Distributed
1979 House of Hanging Mystery Writer Produced