Riichiro Manabe  Riichiro Manabe (真鍋理一郎)
  Date of birth:
  November 9th, 1924
  Tokyo, Japan
  Date of death:
  January 29th, 2015
Composer Filmography


Born in 1924, Riichiro Manabe, despite his reputation among science fiction fans as a composer of dubious value, is quite a diverse and rich composer.

Having studied among many famed European composers as well as Akira Ifukube, Manabe was originally a chamber music student before he decided to transfer to film scoring because he found it more exciting.

In the late 1950s until the mid-60s, Manabe was the composer of choice for famed film director Nagisa Oshima, scoring a large majority of his early discography.

In interviews, Manabe has nothing to say usually on the subject of his career path of the 1970s. This is a period when many composers such as Kunihiko Murai, Toshiaki Tsushima and even Masaru Sato began branching out and experimenting with different styles of composition and diverse instrumentation and Manabe's case is hardly unique. His 70s scores took several of his older ideas and infused them with significant alteration, reusing them in somewhat of a different way such as the Combined Fleet theme from The Militarists (1970) being used for Godzilla's theme Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971). Manabe vanished from the film score radar around 1980, but still continued to teach musical composition.

Composer Toho Filmography

Date      Title Type
1960 A Soft Touch at Night from the Akasaka Sisters Distributed
1961 Kill the Killer! Distributed
1968 Sun Above, Death Below Produced
1970 Vampire Doll Produced
1970 The Militarists Produced
1970 Terror in the Streets Produced
1971 Godzilla vs. Hedorah Produced
1971 Lake of Dracula Produced
1971 No Sunday for Youth Produced
1972 Unheard Swan Song Produced
1973 Godzilla vs. Megalon Produced
1973 Horror of the Wolf Produced
1974 Evil of Dracula Produced
1974 The Last Swordsman Produced
1975 Akan at the End Produced
1975 Gate of Youth Produced
1977 Gate of Youth Part 2 Produced
1981 Campana di Amore Distributed