Ren Matsuzawa
 Date of birth:
      August 27th, 1981
      Tokyo, Japan

Best known for his role of Jin Hakariya, or Sazer-Dail, in the 2003 TV show The Gransazers, Ren Matsuzawa got his first break as an actor in Kinji Fukasaku's hit film Battle Royale. He followed this up with several roles in various TV shows before landing a spot in Toho's The Gransazers. Matsuzawa is part of the Osawa Incoperated, a firm representing various actors and contracting them out for voice work and other acting related assignments.

Acting Toho Filmography
The Gransazers (2003) - Jin Hakariya, Sazer-Dail of the Wind Tribe
The Gransazers: Super Battle Memory (2005) - Jin Hakariya, Sazer-Dail of the Wind Tribe
Go! Godman (2008) - Koichi Matsushita