Misa Uehara
 Date of birth:
      March 26th, 1937
      Fukuoka, Japan

Best known for her role of Princess Yukihime in The Hidden Fortress (1958), Misa Uehara had the pleasure of starting out her career working with Akira Kurosawa. The Hidden Fortress (1958) was not only her best known role, though, but also her first. The next year, Uehara moved on to The Three Treasures (1959), and several other productions up until 1961 when she left the movie industry. Interesting to note is that her acting career would remain exclusive to Toho produced films.

Acting Toho Filmography
The Hidden Fortress (1958) - Yukihime, Princess
The Three Treasures (1959) - Kushinada, Princess
Saga of the Vagabonds (1959) - Koyuki, Princess
Desperado Outpost (1959) - Bandit Chieftain's Sister
One Day I... (1959) - Yuriko Shiroyama
Daigaku no Sanzokutachi (1960)
The Storm of the Pacific (1960) - Keiko