Mie Hama  Mie Hama (浜美枝)
  Date of birth:
  November 20th, 1943
  Tokyo, Japan
Acting Filmography


Best known for her role of Kissy in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice and Madame Piranha in King Kong Escapes (1967), Mie Hama was one of Toho's biggest actresses during the Golden Age of Japanese cinema.

Hama's career started at Toho after producer Tomoyuki Tanaka spotted her while she was working as a bus fare conductor. She began working for the company late in 1959, at the young age of 16. Her first Toho film was released in 1960. Although not by intent, Hama became attached to several of the biggest international franchises, with credits in the Godzilla, James Bond and King Kong films. Inside Japan, though, the actress was best known for her comedic work. Consequently, her nickname was "Funny Face" due to her numerous appearances alongside the Crazy Cats and comedian Hitoshi Ueki on productions like Las Vegas Free-For-All (1967).

Hama was an incredibly prolific actress through the 1960's, although her output had dramatically slowed toward the end of the decade. Like many, the end of the Golden Age of Japanese cinema had impacted her. Hama's final Toho film was a mid-1970's production in the Young Guy franchise, Greatest Game Ever (1975). Afterwords she did sporadic television work up until 1990. In 1983 she hosted a radio show called Mie Hama: I Found a Good Person, which lasted 13 years into the mid-1990's. This was followed up by other radio work up until 2010. Throughout Hama has also remained a vigilant environmentalist as well.

Acting Toho Filmography

Date      Title ROLE Type
1960 Wanton Journey   Produced
1961 Different Sons Sachi Produced
1961 The Merciless Trap   Produced
1961 The Youth and His Amulet   Produced
1962 King Kong vs. Godzilla Fumiko Sakurai Produced
1962 Chushingura Woman Refugee Produced
1962 Weed of Crime   Produced
1962 Long Way to Okinawa   Produced
1963 Samurai Pirate Yaya, Princess Produced
1963 Attack Squadron   Produced
1963 Siege of Fort Bismarck   Produced
1963 Japan's Number One Lover   Produced
1963 Crazy Cats Go to Hong Kong   Produced
1963 Sensation Seekers   Produced
1963 The Legacy of the 500,000 Igorot Native, Yamazaki's Wife Distributed
1963 Double Trouble   Distributed
1964 The Sandal Keeper Nene Produced
1964 The World's Most Beautiful Swindlers Geisha Produced
1964 Yearning Ruriko, Koji's Girlfriend Produced
1964 You Can Succeed, Too Beniko Hattori Produced
1964 Braggart Taiko Chronicles Yasuko Produced
1965 Key of Keys Michin, Tonwanian Spy Produced
1965 Iron Finger Yumi Sawada Produced
1965 Japan's Number One Sycophant Man   Produced
1966 The Adventure of Taklamkan Innkeeper's Daughter Produced
1966 Crazy Irresponsible Shimizu Port   Produced
1966 Japan's Number One Gorigan Man   Produced
1966 Young Girls Are Everywhere Kumiko Yoda Produced
1966 The Mad Atlantic Yoko Togawa Produced
1967 King Kong Escapes Madame Piranha Produced
1967 Two in the Shadow Teruko, Manager's Daughter Produced
1967 Las Vegas Free-for-All Tsukiko Produced
1967 Crazy Cats: Kaito Jibako   Produced
1968 Mexican Free-for-All   Produced
1968 The Night of the Seagull   Produced
1974 Submersion of Japan: Television Series Kazumi Yamauchi Television
1975 Greatest Game Ever Yuriko Mizusawa Produced