Kumi Mizuno  Kumi Mizuno (水野久美)
  Date of birth:
  January 1st, 1937
  Niigata, Japan
Acting Filmography


Best known for her role of Miss Namikawa in Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965). Kumi Mizuno is, indisputably, Toho's most popular actress for their science fiction films. Mizuno was born in 1937 with the birth name Maya Igarashi. By the time she started working for Toho on A Bridge for Us Alone (1958), her second movie, her name had changed to Kumi Mizuno. In the late 50's and early 60's Mizuno's career was booming, and she quickly became a favorite of director Ishiro Honda. Mizuno was often paired with Nick Adams, whenever he did a film for Toho; consequently, rumors of a romance between the two were common occurrence until Mizuno denied it during a interview in 1996. Despite the huge number of films she did early on in her career, Mizuno is best known for her Sci-fi roles in the two Godzilla films and the two Frankenstein films done by Toho in the mid 60's.

Mizuno became such a cult figure amongst the kaiju fandom that Toho brought her back in 2002 to play a role in Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. She returned to the franchise again in time for the 50th Anniversary Godzilla film as well: Godzilla: Final Wars (2004).

Acting Toho Filmography

Date      Title ROLE Type
1958 A Bridge for Us Alone Chie Kimura Produced
1958 A Holiday in Tokyo   Produced
1958 The Spell of the Hidden Gold   Produced
1958 Herringbone Clouds   Produced
1959 The Three Treasures Azami Produced
1959 One Day I... Hideko Kawamura Produced
1959 Seniors, Juniors, Co-Workers   Produced
1959 Lips Forbidden to Talk   Produced
1959 Fox and Tanuki Sagawa Kayoko Produced
1959 Whistle in My Heart   Produced
1960 Westward Desperado Hashima Produced
1960 The Gambling Samurai Kiku Produced
1960 Wanton Journey   Produced
1961 Challenge to Live   Produced
1961 The Merciless Trap   Produced
1961 The Crimson Sea   Produced
1961 Witness Killed   Produced
1961 Counterstroke   Produced
1961 Big Shots Die at Dawn   Produced
1961 The Underworld Bullet Marks   Produced
1961 Kill the Killer!   Distributed
1962 Gorath Takiko Nomura Produced
1962 Chushingura Saho Produced
1962 The Crimson Sky   Produced
1962 Operation X   Produced
1962 Operation Enemy Fort   Produced
1962 Weed of Crime   Produced
1963 Matango Mami Sekiguchi Produced
1963 Samurai Pirate Miwa, Rebel Leader Produced
1963 Interpol Code 8 Saeko Kinomiya Produced
1963 Sink or Swim Tomie Tazawa Produced
1963 Warring Clans   Produced
1964 Tiger Fang Matsushita Produced
1964 Blood and Diamonds   Produced
1964 Whirlwind Witch Distributed
1965 Invasion of Astro-Monster Miss Namikawa Produced
1965 Frankenstein vs. Baragon Sueko Togami, Doctor Produced
1965 Key of Keys   Produced
1965 White Rose of Hong Kong   Produced
1966 Ebirah, Horror of the Deep Dayo, Ifant Islander Produced
1966 The War of the Gargantuas Akemi, Stewart's Assistant Produced
1967 The Killing Bottle   Produced
1974 Love is in the Green Valley Mother Distributed
1988 Mysterious Robber Ruby   Distributed
1991 Rainbow Kids Kanako Yanagawa, 1st Daughter Distributed
1993 Graduation Journey: I Came from Japan   Produced
2002 Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla Machiko Tsuge, Prime Minister Produced
2004 Godzilla: Final Wars Akiko Namikawa, E.D.F. Commander Produced