Kiyoko Ogino  Kiyoko Ogino (荻野清子)
  Date of birth:
  Akita, Japan
Composer Filmography


Primarily known for her piano orchestrations, Kiyoko Ogino is somewhat of an enigma, especially for a Japanese Academy Award nominee. Details about her birth and years at which she attended school, for example, remain a secret. It is known, though, that she attended and graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts in Taito, Japan.

Unlike many of her peers, Ogino started working in film before making the later transition to TV. Her early work includes Au Revoir, Heiji (1992) and the mostly Hong Kong production The Wicked City (1992), for which her score only appears in the Japanese version of the latter. Her first major stint, though, was the composer for Toho's Yamato Takeru (1994). Despite the prestige of working on The Three Treasures (1959) remake, Ogino had a less than optimal working condition. Like nearly every aspect of the 1994 fantasy movie's production, Ogino had to work around a very tight schedule, even writing the movie's entire score in only two weeks.

Ogino drifted out of theatrical movies for a time, focusing on TV briefly and piano concerts more primarly. She did a track for the Toho box office hit Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World (2004), but overall had minor involvement. She had a huge break, though, for her work on the 2008 film The Magic Hour. Working with the famed director Koki Mitani, Ogino got her first Japanese Academy Award nomination for her work on the 2008 movie.

Composer Toho Filmography

Date      Title Type
1992 Au Revoir, Heiji Produced
1992 The Wicked City Distributed
1994 Yamato Takeru Produced
2004 Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World Produced
2008 The Magic Hour Produced