Asuka Shimizu
 Date of birth:
      October 15th , 1978
      Tokyo, Japan

Best known for her role of Mika Shido, or Sazer-Mithras, in the 2003 TV show The Gransazers, Asuka Shimizu started her career as an actress in the 1996 TV series Guyfred, which was produced by Toho and Capcom. An adept martial arts expert, Shimizu was asked back by Toho seven years later as one of the main character for their The Gransazers series. Shimizu proved so popular in the series that she was later asked back the following year for a cameo appearance in the show's successor, The Justirisers. Outside of her work on the Star God series, she also appeared in the 2003 direct-to-video movie Killers (2003), alongside her The Gransazers co-star Maya Hoshino in the "Candy" segment of the film.

Acting Toho Filmography
Guyferd (1996) - Rei Kujo
Killers (2003) - Hot Asuka
The Gransazers (2003) - Mika Shido, Sazer-Mithras of the Fire Tribe
The Justirisers (2004) - Mika Shido, Sazer-Mithras of the Fire Tribe
The Gransazers: Super Battle Memory (2005) -Mika Shido, Sazer-Mithras of the Fire Tribe