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Live Action My Hero Academia - News Roundup
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Date: 10/26/2018
Author: Chris Mirjahangir & Joshua Sudomerski

Earlier in the week, Legendary announced its plans for a live-action adaptation of the highly-popular manga series, My Hero Academia. The Legendary-produced movie will be overseen by Alex Garcia and Jay Ashenfelter on the company's behalf, and by Ryosuke Yoritomi on behalf of the manga's publisher Shueisha, with Toho distributing the film in Japan.

Live Action My Hero Academia - News RoundupCreated by Kohei Horikoshi and released in 2014, My Hero Academia follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, an affable teenager who lives in a world of heroes and villains who are powered by "Quirks". Having been born without a Quirk, the young Midoriya dreams of becoming a great hero despite his lack of powers, and eventually has a fateful meeting with the world's No. 1 Hero and Symbol of Peace, All Might, in an event that changes his life forever. The currently-ongoing manga series chronicles Midoriya's adventures as he overcomes his limits, forms lasting friendships, and bests numerous villains to become the world's greatest hero.

The manga was later adapted into an anime television series by Japanese studio Bones, which has currently produced 3 seasons with over 60 episodes. A 4th season is already underway. Meanwhile, the 2018 animated movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes recently saw a theatrical release in Japan in early August, followed by a release in the United States in late September to early October. Distribution was handled by Toho in Japan, while Funimation handled the release in the U.S. and Canada.