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A Monster for Children, Chibi Godzilla
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Date: 10/23/2018
Author: Joshua Sudomerski

With Godzilla's 65th anniversary on the horizon, Toho has released a promotional animation for the upcoming picture book, "Ganbare, Chibi Gojira" (roughly translated as "Do your best, Chibi Godzilla"). The title is a product of Chiharu Sakazaki, an author of children's books and creator of Japanese mascots such as Suica Penguin and Chiba-kun. The book will be seeing a release in Japan this Wednesday, October 24th.

Before becoming king of the monsters, Godzilla started off as an emotional child, who was also somewhat of a crybaby! Despite his seemingly fragile disposition, Chibi Godzilla is armed with a strong fire breath and a short green tail. The small monster will also be accompanied by other familiar faces, such as Chibi Mothra, Chibi Rodan, and Chibi Ghidorah!

Godzilla appearing in children's media is something that was previously discussed during the "Godzilla Strategic Conference" (Gojicon), where Toho was interested in having the famous monster appeal not just to older fans, but to people of all ages - leading to the creation of books and other media meant to cater to children.