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Rialto to Re-Release Godzilla 1954 for 60th Anniversary
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Date: 2/20/2014
Author: Anthony Romero

It has been 10 years since Rialto released the original, classic Godzilla (1954) in theaters around the US.

At the time, Rialto was celebrating the King of the Monsters' 50th anniversary with the first ever release of the original film, uncut and undubbed in theaters. A decade later and Rialto is ready to ring in the 60th anniversary in the same fashion. According to the company, the print has been newly restored for a better presentation.

Regardless, this release has a lot of shadows of the 2004 event. This includes the same poster, seen to the right with the 60th anniversary note, and also an almost identical trailer, seen below, except with a new date at the end for 2014 and the 60th anniversary. The trailer is mostly text based, and uses the end credit theme from Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995).

As before, this will be a limited release. Check Rialto's site for the current theater listing. So far, the following theaters are included:

    April 18 – 24    NEW YORK,  NY    Film Forum
    April 25 – May 1    SANTA FE,  NM    Jean Cocteau Cinema
    May 2 – 5    PORTLAND,  OR    Hollywood Theatre
    May 2 – 8    SEATTLE,  WA    SIFF Cinema Uptown
    May 23 – 26    HOUSTON,  TX    The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
    May 28    LEXINGTON,  KY    Kentucky Theatre
    July 17    COLUMBUS,  OH    Wexner Center for the Arts