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Godzilla: Awakening Prequel Graphic Novel
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Date: 1/22/2014 (Updated: 04/02/2014)
Author: Chris Mirjahangir and Anthony Romero

Legendary has announced a new comic, a prequel graphic novel based around their upcoming 2014 movie on Godzilla. Titled Godzilla: Awakening, the comic takes place decades before the events seen in the film and is co-written by two of the screenwriters of the new movie: Greg Borenstein and Max Borenstein.

The comic will release May 7th, 2014, nine days before the May 14th release of the new film.

To promote the upcoming comic, Gareth Edwards, director of the new movie, made a personal announcement of its pending release:

The 72 page graphic novel will feature cover art from Arthur Adams, best known for his work on some of the Dark Horse Godzilla comics, such as the Godzilla Color Special. Adams has also done quite a few of the covers for the latest IDW Publishing run of the character, starting with Godzilla Legends #1.

The large comic will feature a team of interior artists to tackle the graphic novel. First up from the team is Eric Battle, who has worked on X-Men, Aquaman and the Marvel event Timestorm 2009–2099; second is Yvel Guichet, who also worked on Aquaman, Superman: The Man of Steel and Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero; third is Alan Quah who has a more limited resume with work on The Vampires Diaries and Anywhere; finally, colorist Lee Loughridge also joins the team who has worked on Batman: Gotham Adventures, Age of Apocalypse and Venom.

Here is the official tagline announcement for the upcoming publication:

"Delve into an incredible mystery, generations in the making. At the dawn of the atomic age, humanity awakens lifeforms beyond imagination, unleashing monumental forces of nature. This explosive, larger-than-life adventure is the perfect way for fans to experience the new Godzilla before seeing it in theaters."

Update (03/26/2014): Legendary has revealed the cover of "Godzilla Awakening", the graphic novel that takes before the events of the film, seen to the right.

Update (04/02/2014): Click the image to the right for a super high resolution version of the front cover