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Date: 04/13/2007
Author: Anthony Romero
Source: Media Blasters

Media Blasters has released their final specifications for the upcoming region 1 release of Frankenstein vs. Baragon (1965), which is being distributed under their Tokyo Shock label as a two disc set. The release, which is titled after the US name for the production, will feature three versions in total that include: the US cut, the Japanese cut and the "International" cut, which appears to be the Japanese version with the Giant Octopus ending. The DVD will be released on June 26th, 2007.

Their official word on the specs, complete with an amusing introduction, is as follows:

"The construction of one of the summer's most anticipated DVDs is now complete. We crammed this two-disc special edition of FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD with three complete versions of the film and other assorted goodies -- it's practically pregnant with entertainment! Let's have a look, shall we?

Disc One:
FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD "English Language Version" (84:47)
English Mono / English 5.1
2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen (contrary to the earlier reports saying it was
1.78:1, which was premature on my part)

Special Announcement (40 seconds)
Theatrical Trailer (2 minutes)
Extra International Footage (alternate octopus ending)
Deleted Scenes (approx 5 minutes)
Photo Gallery (approx 150 images)

Disc Two:
FRANKENSTEIN VS. BARAGON "International Version" (93:04)*
FRANKENSTEIN VS. BARAGON "Japanese Theatrical Version" (89:53)
2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Japanese Mono / Japanese 5.1 / English Subtitles
Audio Commentary with Sadamasa Arikawa (Director of Special Effects
Photography) with English Subtitles

*The FRANKENSTEIN VS. BARAGON "International Version" is the same film as
the "Japanese Theatrical Version" except that it includes the alternate
octopus ending included as an extra on DISC ONE. The Sadamasa Arikawa
commentary appears over this version of the film."