Godzilla for Wii? Current News - Past News  
Date: 05/09/2006
Author: Anthony Romero
Source: http://www.revolutionreport.com/articles/read/440

With E3 (Electronics Expo) underway, word has begun to circulate of the latest Godzilla game, once again reported to be coming from Atari, possibly hitting next generation systems. The one mentioned in the report appears to be for Nintendo's upcoming Wii system, previously code named the Revolution:

"According to EGM, Wii versions of Mario and Super Smash Bros. titles will launch this fall, but Metroid Prime 3 now carries a tentative 2007 release date. Additionally, Atari announced Godzilla and Namco announced Snoopy vs. the Red Baron for Nintendo's next console."
- http://www.revolutionreport.com/articles/read/440

Hopefully the report is true and more details are pending about the title at the E3 event.

Thanks goes out to Chris Mirjahangir for the information!