Yamato Takeru

Japan Release: 1994
Running Time:
104 minutes

Yamato Takeru

Japanese Title

[Yamato Takeru]

Distributor: Production:


Emperor Yamato fathers twin sons, but is convinced that one child, Ousu, is cursed and agrees with his shaman to have the boy killed. The child is saved by the deity Amano Shiratori, prompting his aunt to watch over and protect him. Sadly, bad omens follow the son, as his mother dies as he matures and he accidentally kills his own brother in self-defense after his brother blames him for her passing. The Emperor, furious at this, orders his to leave Yamato and venture off on quests dangerous quests, including venturing to the Kumaso domain that is ruled by barbarians...

Live Action Science Fiction Kaiju

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International Title

Yamato Takeru

Initial US Title

Orochi the Eight-Headed Dragon
US Distributor: ADV Films (1999) / Time: 103 Minutes

Alternate Titles

Yamato Takeru
[Literal translation]

Madra the Eight-Headed Monster

The Eight-Headed Monster



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Directed by Takao Okawara
Writing credits Wataru Mimura
Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka, Shogo Tomiyama
Music by Kiyoko Ogino, Glay, Yoshiki Hayashi
Cinematography by Yoshinori Sekiguchi, Kenichi Eguchi
Film Editing by Nobuo Ogawa
Production Design by Fumio Ogawa, Tetsuzo Osawa
Assistant Director Kunio Miyoshi
Director of Special Effects Koichi Kawakita, Takao Okawara
Assitant Director of Special Effects Kenji Suzuki
Osu, Prince "Yamato Takeru" Masahiro Takashima
Oto Tachibana Yasuko Sawaguchi
Tsukiyomi Hiroshi Abe
Seiryu Miyashi Ishibashi
Genbu Bengal
Emperor, Father of Osu Saburo Shinoda
Kumaso Takeru Hiroshi Fujioka
Susano-o Yuki Meguro
Osu's Brother Akira Koieyama
Osu's Mother Keaki Mori


Box Office

Release Date: July 9th, 1994 (Japan)
Distribution Earning: ¥800,000,000 / $7,500,000 (Japan, Rough Figure)

DVDs and Blu-rays

United States Region 1 Orochi the Eight-Headed Dragon ADV Films (2003) Order
Japan Region 2 Yamato Takeru Toho (2004)

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Background and Trivia

  • Toho submitted the film to the US copyright office on February 20th, 1996 with the registration number of PA0000782228. The movie was submitted under its Romaji and international title, Yamato Takeru. In an odd twist, Toho included a variety of alternate names with the submission. These names include: Prince Yamato, Orochi, the Multiheaded Dragon and Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon. The latter use would predate the home video release in the United States by ADV Films using that title.
  • Was originally supposed to be part of a trilogy. However, the proposed second film in the series, Yamato Takeru II, was canceled.
  • The end song "Rain", performed by Glay, was also used as the ending song for TBS' Yamato Takeru anime. The animated show ran from April 9th through December 24th of 1994. Consequently, the movie was released during the show's run. Despite this, Toho was not directly involved with the televison program, which was produced by TBS and ASATSU.

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