Under the Flag of the Rising Sun

Japan Release: 1972
Running Time:
96 minutes

Under the Flag of the Rising Sun

Japanese Title

[Gunki Hatameku Motoni]

Distributor: Production:

Toho / Shinsei Eigasha

Sergeant Katsuo Togashi was executed in New Guinea during World War II. The reported cause was desertion, although Sakie his wife believes otherwise. Once a year, on the anniversary of Japan's defeat, Sakie Togashi travels to Tokyo. She hopes to clear her husband's name, so that he might be honored in the Emperor memorial service. Her persistence gets her a list of men who served in the same battalion as her fallen husband. She then proceeds to track them down to learn the truth. However, she slowly discovers their interpretations of the events are far from the same...

Live Action

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International Title


Initial US Title

Under the Flag of the Rising Sun
US Distributor: Toho (1973) / Time: 96 Minutes

Alternate Titles

Under the Fluttering Military Flag
[Literal translation]




Directed by Kinji Fukasaku
Writing credits Kinji Fukasaku, Norio Osada, Kaneto Shindo, Shoji Yuki
Produced by Seishi Matsumaru, Eigasha Shinsei, Shohei Tokizane
Music by Hikaru Hayashi
Cinematography by Hiroshi Segawa
Film Editing by Keiichi Uraoka
Production Design by Tatsuya Irino
Sakie Togashi Sachiko Hidari
Katsuo Togashi, Sergeant Tetsuro Tamba
Ochi Shinjiro Ehara
Tsuguo Terajima, Private Noboru Mitani
Mrs. Ochi Sanae Nakahara
Tesinjara Kanemon Nakamura
Teacher Isao Natsuyagi
Tomoko Yumiko Fujita
Actor Koichi Yamamoto
- Taketoshi Naito
- Paul Maki
- Shonosuke Ichikawa


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United States Region 1 Under the Flag of the Rising Sun HVE (2005) Order

Background and Trivia

  • Image Entertainment and PNC Bank submitted the film to the US copyright office on August 17th, 2011. This was part of a huge run of titles, over 900. The registration number V3607D119. The only title used was Under the Flag of the Rising Sun. Oddly, no earlier listing comes up with the US copyright office, despite the film having recieved a DVD release in the United States in 2005.


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November 25, 2006