International Title
Japanese Title
 [Otome Gokoro Sannin Shimai]
Production: P.C.L. (Pre-Toho Merger)
Distributor: P.C.L. (Pre-Toho Merger) Japan: 1935
  Time: 76 minutes
Initial US Title
 Three Sisters with Maiden Hearts
US Distributor: The Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1984) Time: 76 minutes
Alternate Movie Titles:
The Asakusa Sisters [Rare]

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Osome and her three foster sisters are forced by their harsh mother to endure the grueling struggle of providing for their family by playing the shamisen throughout Asakusa, Tokyo night after night. As Osome's younger (biological) sister becomes more and more serious with her steady boyfriend, her estranged older (biological) sister returns to reveal that her husband has taken ill. She needs to raise some money quickly to transport him to the countryside where he can convalesce, but in her haste, she makes a deal with some old acquaintances of ill repute who ultimately cause more trouble than anyone could have possibly expected...

Directed by Mikio Naruse
Written by Mikio Naruse
Based on a Story by Yasunari Kawabata
Music by Kyosuke Kami
Cinematography by Hiroshi Suzuki
Film Editing by Koichi Iwashita
Set Decoration by Kazuo Kubo
Sound by Koichi Sugii
Osome Masako Tsutsumi
Oren Chikako Hosokawa
Chieko Ryuko Umezono
Hahaoya, Mother Chitose Hayashi
Oharu, Hahaoya's Adopted Daughter Chisato Matsumoto
Oshima, Hahaoya's Adopted Daughter Masako Sanjo
Okinu, Hahaoya's Adopted Daughter Mariyo Matsumoto
Aoyama Heihachiro Okawa
Mischievous Boy Kaoru Ito
Kosugi Osamu Takizawa
Guest Akira Kishii
Drunkard Kamatari Fujiwara
- Masao Mishima
- Jun Otomo
Monster Appearances Aliens, SDF, Misc

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Miles Imhoff
June 23, 2014