International Title
The Echo*
Japanese Title
 [Yama no Oto]
Production: Toho
Distributor: Toho Japan: 1954
  Time: 95 minutes
Initial US Title
US Distributor: - Time: -
Alternate Movie Titles:
Sound of the Mountain [New International Title]
Echo of the Mountain [Alternate International Title]

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The Ogatas are an upper-class postwar Japanese family in which everyone has become trapped in a passionless marriage. The parents, Shingo and Yasuko, coexist without even pretending to love one another. Their daughter, Fusako, was married off against her will, and has since become estranged from her husband. Meanwhile, the marriage between the son, Shuichi, and his wife, Kikuko, begins to disintegrate. Instead of returning home, Shuichi opts to spend most of his evenings downing alcohol and, it is soon confirmed, seeing another woman. Shingo sets out in an effort to mend his son's marriage, in an effort to save the happiness of his rueful daughter-in-law.

Directed by Mikio Naruse
Writing credits Yasunari Kawabata, Yoko Mizuki
Produced by Sanezumi Fujimoto
Music by Ichiro Saito
Cinematography by Masao Tamai
Film Editing by Eiji Ooi
Production Design by Satoru Chuko
Assistant Director Masanori Kakei
Kikuko Ogata Setsuko Hara
Shingo Ogata So Yamamura
Shuichi Ogata Ken Uehara
Tanizaki Hideko Yoko Sugi
Yasuko Ogata Teruko Nagaoka
Ikeda Yatsuko Tanami
Aihara Fusako Chieko Nakakita
Kinuko Rieko Sumi
Shingo's Friend Hisao Toake
Machiko Kitagawa
Fumiko Saito
Tsuruko Mano
Nobuo Kaneko
Monster Appearances Aliens, SDF, Misc
None N/A

DVDs and Blu-Ray
Region 2 Sound of the Mountain Toho (2005)
Region 2 Naruse: Volume One Eureka! (2006) Order
Region 2 Sound of the Mountain: Cinema Fan Club Toho (2014)

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November 21, 2014