Sensation of the Century

Japan Release: 1966
Running Time:
156 minutes

Sensation of the Century

Japanese Title

東京オリンピック: 世紀の感動
[Tokyo Orinpikku: Seiki no Kando]

Distributor: Production:

Tokyo Olympic Film Association


Live Action

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International Title


Initial US Title

Sensation of the Century
US Distributor: Criterion (2017) / Time: 156 Minutes

Alternate Titles

Tokyo Olympics: Sensation of the Century
[Literal translation]




Directed by Nobumasa Kawamoto, Suketaru Taguchi
Writing credits Tatsuji Yamagishi, Hiroshi Maeda
Produced by Suketaru Taguchi
Music by Akio Yashiro, Hiroshi Wakasugi
Commentary Minoru Okada, Kitade Seigoro, Suzuki Buniya


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DVDs and Blu-rays

United States Region 1 100 Years of Olympic Films Criterion (2017) Order
United States Blu-ray 100 Years of Olympic Films Criterion (2017) Order

Background and Trivia

  • The organizing Tokyo Olympic Film Association was unhappy with director Kon Ichikawa's Tokyo Olympiad (1965). They felt the film didn't highlight the progress of Japan enough and also believed it didn't focus enough on the Japanese athletes. As a result, the movie was recut into Sensation of the Century and released in 1966. Noted on the introduction on the Criterion Tokyo Olympiad Blu-ray.