The Secret of the Telegian

Japan Release: 1960
Running Time:
85 minutes

The Secret of the Telegian

Japanese Title

[Denso Ningen]

Distributor: Production:


On the night of August 15, 1945—the night of Japan's surrender—a military unit headed by Commander Onishi plundered a crate of gold from the Japanese people. Their treachery was soon discovered by a lance corporal named Sudo, who attempted to resist and return the gold, only to be ambushed and left for dead in a cave. Fourteen years later, one of Onishi's former men is murdered in an amusement park, stabbed to death with a bayonet. The murder is investigated by the police and a scientific reporter by the name of Kirioka, who discover Lance Corporal Sudo survived the incident fourteen years ago and has returned to kill the men who betrayed him. What's more, Sudo has somehow gotten access to an advanced form of transportation technology allowing him to essentially teleport himself across Japan. Sudo murders another one of Onishi's former subordinates and disappears. As the police try to protect Onishi and his one surviving associate, Kirioka attempts to track down Sudo and uncover the technology which has turned him into the Telegian...

Live Action Science Fiction

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International Title

The Secret of the Telegian

Initial US Title

The Secret of the Telegian
US Distributor: Toho International (1975) / Time: 85 Minutes

Alternate Titles

The Electrical Transmission Human
[Literal translation]


Aliens, SDF & Misc.

Telegian Sudo
Telegian Sudo



Directed by Jun Fukuda
Writing credits Shinichi Sekizawa
Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka
Music by Sei Ikeno
Cinematography by Kazuo Yamada
Film Editing by Kazuji Taira
Production Design by Kyoe Hamagami
Assistant Directors Taku Nagano, Ken Sano
Director of Special Effects Eiji Tsuburaya
Assistant Director of Special Effects Teruyoshi Nakano
Kirioka, Reporter Koji Tsuruta
Kobayashi, Detective Akihiko Hirata
Onosaki, Detective Captain Yoshio Tsuchiya
Sudo, alias Goro Nakamoto Tadao Nakamaru
Akiko Chujo Yumi Shirakawa
Masayoshi Onishi, Kainan Trade President Seizaburo Kawazu
Taki Sachio Sakai
Syogen, Cabaret Manager Yoshifumi Tajima
Miura, Scientist Fuyuki Murakami
Takaki Takamaru Sasaki
Sukimoto, Broker Shin Otomo
Amusement Park Announcer Ikio Sawamura
Inspector Ren Yamamoto
Policemen Akira Kitano, Yutaka Nakayama, Yutaka Sada, Tadashi Okabe
Onishi's Henchmen Hideyo Amamoto, Nadao Kirino, Shoichi Hirose
Fishermen Senkichi Omura, Hironobu Wakamoto
Officials Yasuhisa Tsutsumi, Tatsuo Matsumura
Club Announcer Akira Sera
Trucker Koji Uno


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Japan Region 2 The Electrical Transmission Human Toho (2005)

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Background and Trivia

  • Toho submitted the film to the US copyright office on December 29th, 1997 with the registration number of PA0000891377. The movie was submitted under its Romaji title, Denso Ningen, and its international title, The Secret of the Telegian. The copyright registration was part of a large, seven title claim. Other films on the same copyright submission include Westward Desperado (1960) and Daughters, Wives, and a Mother (1960).
  • The Toho Special Effects: All Kaiju Illustrated Encyclopedia (ISBN: 9784096820902) cites the title "creature" as 電送人間 須藤 ("Denso Ningen Sudo") , which roughly translates to "Sudo, the Electrical Transmission Human". Using Toho's rather unique international title for the film, though, an alternate name could be "Telegian Sudo".
  • Yoshifumi Tajima's role in the dubbed version is credited as "Mr. Takashi", while in the original Japanese version his character is referred to as Syogen (隆昌元).
  • Ishiro Honda worked on the treatement for the film, but left the project early. This detail is cited in Age of the Gods (self-published).


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