Rebirth of Mothra III

Japan Release: 1998
Running Time:
99 minutes

Rebirth of Mothra III

Japanese Title

モスラ3 キングギドラ来襲
[Mosura 3 Kingu Gidora Raishu]

Distributor: Production:


On Infant Island, Belvera discovers a hidden box containing the Triangle of Elias. Her sisters, Moll and Lora, confront her and manage to separate the three triangles. Each Elias becomes in possession of one triangle. Each triangle reflects a separate trait: wisdom, courage and heart. When united with the correct Elias, the triangle unlocks new powers. Before escaping, Belvera warns of the King of the Terror. The sisters understand this warning to mean the return of King Ghidorah, who emerges shortly afterwards from a meteor shower. The three-headed monster begins devastating Japan, using its gravity beams to rip skyscrapers apart. The creature is also teleporting the children out of the city in its wake. The ancient beast is keeping the kids in a cache located in the forest as it plans to absorb and feed off them. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Moll and Lora call on Rainbow Mothra who arrives to battle the golden dragon. Overpowered, the Elias and Mothra are desperate for a way to combat King Ghidorah. Moll devises one plan: send Mothra back in time to when the three-headed monster was weaker...

Live Action Science Fiction Kaiju

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International Title

Rebirth of Mothra III

Initial US Title

Rebirth of Mothra III
US Distributor: Tristar (2003) / Time: 99 Minutes

Alternate Titles

Mothra 3: Invasion of King Ghidorah
[Literal translation]



Aliens, SDF & Misc.



Directed by Okihiro Yoneda
Writing Credits Masumi Suetani
Produced by Shogo Tomiyama
Executive Producer Koji Hashimoto
Music by Toshiyuki Watanabe, Megumi Kobayashi
Cinematography by Yoshinori Sekiguchi
Film Editing by Nobuo Ogawa
Assistant Director Masaaki Tezuka
Director of Special Effects Kenji Suzuki
Assistant Director of Special Effects Akira Kato
Moll, Elias Megumi Kobayashi
Lora, Elias Misato Tate
Belvera, Elias Aki Hano
Shota Sonoda Takuma Yoshizawa
Yukie Sonoda, Mother Miyuki Matsuda
Yusuke Sonoda, Father Atsushi Onita
Tamako Sonoda Ayano Suzuki
Shimmyo Sonoda Kyouhei Shinozaki
School Vice Principal Koichi Ueda
Elementary School Teacher Hiromi Suzuki
Newscaster Shiro Namiki
Narrator Sayaka Yamaguchi
- Maki Taniguchi

- Kyoko Donowaki
- Kazunori Mogi


Box Office

Release Date: December 12th, 1998 (Japan)
Distribution Earning: ¥850,000,000 / $7,000,000 (Japan, Rough Figure)

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Japan Region 2 Mothra 3: Invasion of King Ghidorah Toho (2006)
United States Blu-Ray Rebirth of Mothra I II III Sony (2014) Order

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