International Title
None But the Brave
Japanese Title
 [Yusha Nomi]
Production: Toho / Tokyo Eiga / Artanis Productions
Distributor: Toho Japan: 1965
  Time: 106 minutes
Initial US Title
 None But the Brave
US Distributor: Warner Bros. (1965) Time: 106 minutes
Alternate Movie Titles:
Only the Brave Men [Literal Translation]
The Reward of the Brave [German]
The Brave Die Fighting [Portuguese]

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During World War II, a handful of Japanese soldiers, cutoff from their command on a remote Pacific Island, are joined by a stranded American platoon after their C-47 transport plane crashes there. Learning of each other's presence, and a boat the Japanese are attempting to build to escape, initial gunfire from the groups occurs to secure the vessel that might grant them freedom. However, the boat is destroyed during the skirmish. With the Japanese needing medical attention and the Americans in need of a water supply, the two sides decide to call a truce... until the Americans make radio contact with headquarters.

Directed by Frank Sinatra
Writing credits Katsuya Susaki, John Twist, Kikumaru Okuda
Produced by Frank Sinatra, Kikumaru Okuda, Howard Koch, William Daniels
Music by John Williams, Kenjiro Hirose
Cinematography by Harold Lipstein
Film Editing by Sam O'Steen
Production Design by LeRoy Deane
Assistant Director Mitsushige Tsurushima, David Salven
Director of Special Effects Eiji Tsuburaya
Francis Maloney, Chief Pharmacist Mate Frank Sinatra
Dennis Bourke, Captain Clint Walker
Kuroki, Lieutenant Tatsuya Mihashi
Tamura, Sergeant Takeshi Kato
Hirano, Lance Corporal Homare Suguro
Fujimoto, Corporal Kenji Sahara
Ando, Lead Private Masahiko Tanimura
Arikawa, Private Toru Ibuki
Okuda, Private Ryucho Shunputei
Tokumaru, Private Hisao Dazai
Goro, Private Susumu Kurobe
Ishi, Private Takashi Inagaki
Sato, Private Kenichi Hata
Blair, Second Lieutenant Tommy Sands
Bleeker, Sergeant Brad Dexter
Keller Air Crewman Tony Bill
Craddock, Corporal Sammy Jackson
Ruffino, Corporal Richard Bakalyan
Johnson, Private Rafer Johnson
Dexter, Private Jimmy Griffin
Searcy, Private Christopher Dark
Hoxie, Private Don Dorrell
Magee, Private Phillip Crosby
Waller, Private John Howard Young
Swensholm, Private Roger Ewing
Roth, Private Richard Sinatra
Lorie Laraine Stephens
Monster Appearances Aliens, SDF, Misc
None N/A


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