Mirror Man: Dinosaur Aroza Reanimated

Japan Release: 1972
Running Time:
24 minutes

Mirror Man: Dinosaur Aroza Reanimated

Japanese Title

ミラーマン: 生きかえった恐竜アロザ
[Miraman: Ikikaetta Kyoryu Aroza]

Distributor: Production:

Tsuburaya Productions

A mysterious monster suddenly appears from Tokyo Bay, where Mirrorman is quick to confront it. After sustaining a heavy loss, Kyotaro must learn the truths of facing adversity head-on and come to grips with his own self-worth. Meanwhile, the SGM researches the dinosaur to find that the Invaders plan on using it to destroy the Underground Space Operations Center. Will Kyotaro muster the courage to stand against the impeding terror of Aroza, or will this spell the end of the SGM and the rise of the Invaders...

Live Action Science Fiction Kaiju

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International Title


Initial US Title

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Alternate Titles

Mirror Man: Dinosaur Aroza Reanimated
[Literal translation]




Aliens, SDF & Misc.

F-4EJ Phantom II
F-4EJ Phantom II



Directed by Toshitugu Suzuki
Writing credits Toyohiro Ando
Produced by Toyoaki Tan
Music by Toru Fuyuki
Cinematography by Toshiyuki Machida
Film Editing by Yoshihiro Yanagawa
Production Design by Akira Kikuchi
Assistant Director Hiroshi Shimura
Director of Special Effects Koichi Takano
Kyotaro Kagami Nobuyuki Ishida
Hiroshi Murakami Jun Usami
Asami Mitari Takako Sawai
Hidehiko Yasuda Hajime Sugiyama
Yuki Nomura Yoko Ichiji


Background and Trivia

  • Featured as part of the Toho Champion Festival during the summer of 1972, featured alongside Mock of the Oak Tree: I Don't Cry, Akadou Suzunosuke, Tensai Bakabon: It's So Hard to Say Goodbye, and a re-edit of Ebirah, the Horror of the Deep (1966).
  • Footage is standard ratio blow-up of Episode 18 of Mirror Man, "The Dinosaur Aroza Reanimated".