Mirror Man: Dinosaur Aroza Reanimated

Japan Release: 1972
Running Time:
24 minutes

Mirror Man

Japanese Title


Distributor: Production:

Tsuburaya Productions

It is the 1980's, and the Earth faces unexplainable crises that have been happening all over the world. When tornados touch down across Japan, North America, and Antarctica, the Science Guard Members (SGM) and photographer Kyotaro Kagami investigate the scenario at play. However, when they realize aliens are responsible for the strange weather, Kagami is informed of his mysterious heritage: that he is the half-human son of an entity known as Mirrorman. Although reluctant and having a crisis of conscience, Kagami must embrace the role of his father in order to confront the Invader alien menace...

Live Action Science Fiction Kaiju

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Alternate Titles

Mirror Man
[Literal translation]




Aliens, SDF & Misc.

F-4EJ Phantom II
F-4EJ Phantom II
Invader Spaceship
Invader Spaceship



Directed by Ishiro Honda
Writing credits Bunzo Wakatsuki, Hiroyasu Yamaura
Produced by Toyoaki Tan
Music by Toru Fuyuki
Cinematography by Takeshi Goto
Film Editing by Yanagawa Yoshihiro
Production Design by Akira Kikuchi
Director of Special Effects Koichi Takano
Kyotaro Kagami Nobuyuki Ishida
Hiroshi Murakami Jun Usami
Asami Mitari Takako Sawai
Hidehiko Yasuda Hajime Sugiyama
Yuki Nomura Yoko Ichiji
Invader Willie Dorsey
Mirrorman's Father Nobuo Tanaka


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