International Title:
Magnitude 7.9
Japanese Title:
Earthquake Archipelago
US Title:
Alternate Title:
Megaforce 7.9
Production: Toho
Distributor: Toho
Japan Release Date Japan Running Time
1980 127 Minutes
US Distributor: Shochiku Films of America
US Release Date US Running Time
1982 102 Minutes



Directed by Kenjiro Omori
Writing credits Kaneto Shindo
Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka, Hideyuki Takai
Music by Toshiaki Tsushima
Cinematography by Rokuro Nishigaki
Film Editing by Nobuo Ogawa
Production Design by Iwao Akune
Assistant Director Masahiro Nara, Koji Hashimoto
Director of Special Effects Teruyoshi Nakano
Yoichi Kawazu Hiroshi Katsuno
Shigeru, Professor Shuji Otaki
National Land Agency Director Yoshio Inaba
Watanabe, Professor Eiji Okada
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mizuho Suzuki
- Toshiyuki Nagashima
- Yumi Takigawa
- Shin Saburi
- Kayo Matsuo
- Tsutomu Yamazaki
- Norihei Miki

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Japan Region 2 Earthquake Archipelago Toho (2003)

Background and Trivia

  • Toho registered the movie with the US copyright office on August 9th, 1989. The registration number used was PA0000423037. Of note is that a variety of titles were provided with the submission. One is the international title: Magnitude 7.9. Another title seems to be a variant of this with Earthquake 7.9. In addition the US title is listed, Deathquake, and the Romaji title, Jishin Retto.
  • The trailer for the movie features composer Hector Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique. The exact movement is the 5th, "Songe d'une nuit du Sabbat" or also known as "Dream of a Witches' Sabbath". The version used is edited, making it hard to determine the exact recording of the theme. It could be Colin Davis' 1974 recording with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, as the type of bell instrument sounds similar. It does not appear to be the 1961 recording by Thomas Beecham, the 1962 recording by Igor Markevitch, the 1968 recording by Leopold Stokowski or the 1976 recording by Gennady Rozhdestvensky.