Live Today, Die Tomorrow!

Japan Release: 1970
Running Time:
117 minutes

Live Today, Die Tomorrow!

Japanese Title

[Hadaka no Jukyusai]

Distributor: Production:

Kindai Eiga Kyokai

After graduating high school, Michio Yamada becomes part of the Shudan Shushoku in Tokyo. This group, a government program for youths deemed unfit for university, puts Yamada to work as a fruit packer in a department store. He leaves the job, though, after a coworker is fired for arguing with a customer. Disenchanted, Yamada tells his coworkers he will start a new life in Hawaii and steals a gun from an American base. Later, the teen becomes mesmerized by a lavish party at a hotel, watching from outside. When a security guard attempts to move him, he uses the gun to commit his first murder. As Yamada goes on a killing spree, a media frenzy focuses on the senseless acts. Through looking at his history, a tale of troubled, impoverished upbringings is uncovered. This includes being abandoned by his father, his family barley making ends meet with eight kids, and witnessing the rape of his sister...

Live Action

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International Title

Live Today, Die Tomorrow!

Initial US Title

Live Today, Die Tomorrow!
US Distributor: Toho (1971) / Time: 117 minutes

Alternate Titles

Naked Nineteen Year Old
[Literal translation]




Directed by Kaneto Shindo
Writing credits Kaneto Shindo, Shozo Matsuda
Produced by Kazuo Kuwahara, Hisao Itoya, Setsuo Noto
Music by Hikaru Hayashi
Cinematography by Kiyomi Kuroda
Film Editing by Hisao Enoki
Production Design by Akira Haruki
Michio Yamada Daijiro Harada
Take Yamada, Michio's Mother Nobuko Otowa
Sakie Hayashi Keiko Torii
Tomoko Kiwako Taichi
Detective Kei Sato
Hanjiro Yamada Daigo Kusano
Nurie Sumie Sasaki
Onishi Choichiro Kawarasaki
- Eimei Esumi
- Torahiko Hamada
- Kotoe Hatsui
- Hosei Komatsu
- Taiji Tonoyama
- Rokko Toura
- Fumio Watanabe


DVDs and Blu-rays

Japan Region 2 Naked Nineteen Year Old Kadokawa (2001)

Background and Trivia

  • Kindai Eiga Kyokai submitted the film to the US copyright office on October 4th, 1989 with the registration number of PA0000452495. The movie was submitted under a close match to its international title in the form of Live Today--Die Tomorrow! and its Romaji title, Hadaka no Jukyu-sai. The date on this claim cites the movie coming out on September 29th, 1971, which is its US release. A new claim was filed, PA0000452496, that corrected the date to its Japanese release of October 31st, 1970. On September 8th, 1998, Kindai Eiga Kyokai resubmitted the movie under the title Live Today, Die Tomorrow with the registration number RE0000787760.
  • Although not using the same names as the real life individuals, the movie is based on the murders by Norio Nagayama in 1968. Nagayama was caught on April 7th 1969, at an age of 19 years old.
  • The movie was selected as a Golden Prize winner at the 7th Moscow International Film Festival in 1971.