International Title
Japanese Title
 [Ugokie Kori no Tatehiki]
Production: P.C.L. (Pre-Toho Merger)
Distributor: Towa Shoji Film Department (Pre-War) Japan: 1933
Toho Educational Film Companies (Post-War) Time: 12 minutes
Initial US Title
US Distributor: - Time: -
Alternate Movie Titles:
Motion Picture: The Kitsune vs. the Tanukis [Literal]
The Fox Versus the Raccoon [Informal]
The Kitsune vs. the Tanukis [Modified]

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An inexperienced tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog) shows off his unpolished shapeshifting skills in a vain attempt to play a series of practical jokes on a wandering samurai. Little does he realise that his quarry is actually a clever kitsune (fox) whose prowess at shapeshifting far surpasses his own. When the "samurai" begins to make a mockery of the tanuki's mischievous exploits, the young one appeals to his father for assistance. Will the combined efforts of two generations be enough to overcome their mysterious foe?

Produced by Rin Masutani
Directed by Ikuo Oishi
Animated by Ikuo Oishi, Shoji Ichino, Hiroshi Maeda
Sound by Jun Yamaguchi
Music by Koichi Sugii
Monster Appearances Aliens, SDF, Misc

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August 2, 2014