International Title
Godzilla vs. Gigan
Japanese Title
 地球攻撃命令 ゴジラ対ガイガン
 [Chikyu Kogeki Meirei: Gojira tai Gaigan]
Production: Toho
Distributor: Toho Japan: 1972
  Time: 89 minutes
Initial US Title
 Godzilla on Monster Island
US Distributor: Cinema Shares (1977) Time: 89 minutes
Alternate Movie Titles:
Earth Destruction Directive: Godzilla vs. Gigan [Literal Translation]
War of the Monsters [UK]
Frankenstein's Hell Brood [German]

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Gengo Kotaka, a down on his luck artist, has landed a job with a organization in charge of the World Children's Land amusement park. The park's central attraction is a giant Godzilla tower, and Gengo is brought in to add more designed monsters to the park. Despite being appreciated by his boss, the artist is uneasy about the organization. His suspicion mounts when he runs into a girl named Machiko Shima as she flees from the company's Committee Office. Gengo confronts the girl, who believes her brother, who had worked for the organization, was kidnapped by them. After reading her sibling's journal, she believes the organization's plans are placed on tapes. It's because of this that she stole one from the Committee Office. The tape only offers a garbled message to the confused listeners. The signal carries to Monster Island, though. There Godzilla and Anguirus quickly decipher the message and begin a plan of action. With Earth's monsters already in place, the organization's true motives begin to take focus. They summon Gigan and King Ghidorah, who begin their descent toward Earth. As their plan goes into motion, the space monsters will fight against the Earth's forces for the fate of the planet.

Directed by Jun Fukuda
Writing credits Takeshi Kimura, Shinichi Sekizawa
Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka
Music by Kunio Miyauchi, Susumu Ishikawa
Stock Music by Akira Ifukube
Cinematography by Kiyoshi Hasegawa
Film Editing by Yoshio Tamura
Production Design by Yoshifumi Honda
Assistant Director Fumisake Okada
Director of Special Effects Teruyoshi Nakano
Gengo Kotaka Hiroshi Ishikawa
Tomoko Tomoe Yuriko Hishimi
Shosaku Takasugi Minoru Takashima
Machiko Shima Tomoko Umeda
Kubota, Head of World Children's Land Toshiaki Nishizawa
Fumio Sudo, Chairman Zan Fujita
Takashi Shima Kunio Murai
Self Defense Force Commander Gen Shimizu
Priest Kurayoshi Nakamura
Female Assistant at Temple Kuniko Ashihara
Manga Editor Akio Murata
Nebula M Henchmen Yasuhiko Saijo, Noritake Saito, Wataru Omae, Naoya Kusakawa
Monster Appearances Aliens, SDF, Misc
Godzilla, Gigan, Anguirus, King Ghidorah, Mothra (stock footage), Rodan (stock footage), Kumonga (stock footage), Kamacuras (stock footage), Gorosaurus (stock footage), Minilla (stock footage), Gaira (stock footage mistake) Godzilla Tower, Space Hunter Nebula M Aliens, Type 66 Maser Beam Tank, Type 70 Maser Battle Tank, Type 61 Tank, M24 Chaffee Tank (stock footage), M4A3E8 Sherman Tank (stock footage), SAR-1 (stock footage), F86F Saber Jet, Missile Launcher Truck, Hybrid Tank (stock footage), Type M3A1 (stock footage), Support Helicopter (stock footage), Red Bamboo Fighter Plane (stock footage, mistake)


Box Office
Release Date: March 12th, 1972 (Japan)
Attendance: 1,780,000 (Japan)

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