International Title
Japanese Title
 [Uwasa no Musume]
Production: P.C.L. (Pre-Toho Merger)
Distributor: P.C.L. (Pre-Toho Merger) Japan: 1935
  Time: 54 minutes
Initial US Title
US Distributor: - Time: -
Alternate Movie Titles:
The Girl in the Rumour [Literal]
The Girl on Everyone's Lips [Alternate]

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Nadaya Sake has found itself in dire straits as of late, and the current owner, Kenkichi, has even become something of a pitiable name among the locals. As Kenkichi's father-in-law (the erstwhile owner) begins to notice a suspicious taste to their once famous product, Kenkichi's daughter, Kunie, is on track to marry into the wealthy Sato family as a means to help her own. Although Kenkichi opposes a marriage that isn't based on love, he becomes deeply concerned when rumour has it that his other daughter, Kimiko, has become the object of the Sato boy's affection. What will become of Kunie when (or if) she learns the truth about her sister, the girl in the rumour?

Directed by Mikio Naruse
Written by Mikio Naruse
Cinematography by Hiroshi Suzuki
Editing by Koichi Iwashita
Sound by Yuji Dogen
Art Direction by Junnosuke Yamazaki
Music by Noboru Ito
Kunie Sachiko Chiba
Kimiko Ryuko Umezono
Oyo Toshiko Ito
Kenkichi, Father Ko Mihashi
Keisaku, Grandfather Yo Shiomi
Shintaro, Potential Fiancé Heihachiro Okawa
Uncle Kamatari Fujiwara
Monster Appearances Aliens, SDF, Misc
None N/A


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July 26, 2014