The Adventures of Chatran

Japan Release: 1986
Running Time:
95 minutes

The Adventures of Chatran

Japanese Title

[Koneko Monogatari]

Distributor: Production:

Fuji TV

In a farm in Japan, seven kittens were born in a cowshed. One of the kittens, named Chatran, demonstrates a knack for curiosity. Venturing outside for the first time, the cats play with hens, dogs and basically anything they come in contact with. Under escort from their mother, the kittens are taken to a small riverbank. Chatran, ever curious, accidentally leaps into the water, prompting his mom to save him. As time goes on, Chatran befriends a pug puppy called Poosky. The two continue to meet the animals around the farm, from crows to rhinoceros beetles. Nothing is left unexplored, including a painful incident with a crab. Eventually, the two move from exploring to playing games, trying out hide and seek. The game leads Chatran back to the riverbank, where he hides in a small box on the water. Poosky finds him just as the box begins to drift down the stream. Despite his best efforts to save him, including leaping in the water, the small pug comes up empty handed. As Chatran travels further down the stream, he encounters a curious bear. As the bear ventures over to the box, Chatran tries to claw him away. Poosky arrives just in time, though, fending off the creature. Unfortunately, during the skirmish, Chatran's box continues to drift. As the kitten travels further out, Poosky is not far behind, leading to a series of adventures for both of them...

Live Action

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International Title

The Adventures of Chatran

Initial US Title

The Adventures of Milo and Otis
US Distributor: Columbia Pictures (1989) / Time: 75 Minutes

Alternate Titles

A Kitten's Story
[Literal Translation]

The Adventures of Little Cat



Directed by Masanori Hata
Writing Credits Masanori Hata
Produced by Hisashi Hieda, Haruo Shikanai, Masaru Kakutani, Satoru Ogata
Music by Ryuichi Sakamoto
Cinematography by Hideo Fujii, Shinji Tomita
Film Editing by Chizuko Osada
Production Design by Takeharu Sakaguchi
Assistant Director Kon Ichikawa, Takashi Ueno
Narrator Shigeru Tsuyuguchi
Poetry Recitation Kyoko Koizumi


Box Office

Release Date: July 12th, 1986 (Japan)
Attendance: 7,500,000 (Japan)
Distribution Earning: ¥5,400,000,000 / $33,500,000 (Japan, Rough Figure)
Total: ¥9,800,000,000 / $62,000,000 (Japan, Rough Figure)

Release Date: August 25th, 1989 (US)
Total: $13,299,749 (US)

DVDs and Blu-rays

United States Region 1 The Adventures of Milo and Otis Tristar (2004) Order
Japan Region 2 A Kitten's Story Pony Canyon (2001)
United States Blu-ray The Adventures of Milo and Otis Columbia (2012) Order

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Background and Trivia

  • Fuji Television Network submitted the film to the US copyright office on April 7th, 1986 with the registration number of PA0000327325. The movie was submitted under its international title, The Adventures of Chatran. On September 20th, 1989, Columbia Pictures submitted the US cut of the film with the registration number of PA0000431872. Their submission, noted as featuring an "English language soundtrack and re-editing", used the American title of The Adventures of Milo and Otis.
  • In the American version, the main cat, called Chatran (チャトラン) in the original Japanese cut, was renamed to Milo. His friend, Poosky (プー助), is also renamed to Otis in the American version.


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September 23, 2005