3 Dolls From Hong Kong

Japan Release: 1959
Running Time:
98 minutes

3 Dolls From Hong Kong

Japanese Title

[Oneechan Makari Toru]

Distributor: Production:

Toho / Shaw Brothers Studio


Live Action

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International Title


Initial US Title

Three Dolls From Hong Kong
US Distributor: Toho (1966) / Time: 98 minutes

Alternate Titles

Older Sister Passes Through
[Literal Translation]

3 Dolls go to Hong Kong
[Japan English Title]



Directed by Toshio Sugie
Writing credits Ryozo Kasahara
Produced by Sanezumi Fujimoto
Music by Yoshiyuki Kozu
Cinematography by Taiichi Kankura
Production Design by Yoshiro Muraki
Toshiko "Punch" Sonoe Reiko Dan
Mitsuko "Pinch" Nakahara Sonomi Nakajima
Shigeko "Senti" Akiyama Noriko Shigeyama
Tatsuo Maebara Tatsuyoshi Ehara
Hiroshi Kubota Akira Kubo
Hideo Kiyokawa Shinji Yamada
Ding Lihua Pat Ting Hung
Zhou Chengwan Paul Chang Chung
Zhou Wanfu Guangzhao You
Sumiko Sonoe Rumiko Sasa
Keitaro Nakahara Minoru Takada
Zhang, Manager Shin Otomo
Taxi Driver Yasuo Araki
- Ryo Ikebe


Background and Trivia

  • Third entry in the 3 Dolls series, known as the Older Sister series in Japan (お姐ちゃんシリーズ).
  • Being filmed in Hong Kong, Toho worked with Shaw Brothers Studio on the production. This would not be the first time the two companies collaborated, as they also worked together on The Legend of the White Serpent (1956).
  • The movie does not appear to be registered with the US copyright office and an international title is unknown. The film did see a very limited release in the US by Toho in 1966, centered around New York. That release used the English name "Three Dolls From Hong Kong". This could likely be the international title, although since nothing is definitive Toho Kingdom elected to use "3 Dolls From Hong Kong" as the main title so as to better align it with the spellings of the other films in this series.